Our Society continually makes the assumption that only envious people sense the feeling of unfaithfulness in a relationship. The society also makes the statement that men are always culprits.

Image result for cheating girl imageBut women are just as likely to cheat on their partner as men do. There are various signs that show that your girlfriend is cheating on you.It is not easy to explain that your girlfriend is cheating. Particularly if she doesn’t appear to have done anything wrong.


But sometimes there is a strong feeling that yes my girlfriend is cheating. Unluckily this feeling is not enough to blame or challenge her for cheating. You just need to be able to prove it. In order to prove it, you need to look for outlines or signs that can help you build your case.

So here are some signs that tell you that your girlfriend is actually cheating on you. Please have a look.

1-You’re No Longer A Team

There is nothing more beautiful than a free woman. For many years women have fought to get equal rights. And they will do everything in their power to keep them. But when you’re in a dedicated relationship, you have to learn to start working as a team. If you and your girlfriend were earlier in a team. But now you notice she is going back to her independent ways. This could be a sign that she is planning on replacing or leaving you. This is one of the most common signs that your girlfriend is cheating on you.

2- She Points Out Every Flaw

Everyone makes mistakes and no one is perfect in this world. And your girlfriend knows that. But if you notice that she has been pointing out every flaw of yours. Then she may be trying to give herself a way to break up with you. She will try to point out flaws. And this she will make a perfect reason for breaking up with you.

3- Repetitively Wondering

Where You Are You might think it is sweet that your girlfriend wants to know what your plans are for the day. But there is a chance that she is only doing this so she can make sure you two don’t run into each other. When someone is cheating. Then the obvious goal is to never get caught. And the best way to do that is to know where your partner is at all times.

4- Indifferent

If your girlfriend is usually a good listener, an approachable person. Then think twice. It might be a red flag if she begins to be very indifferent. If she stops listening to things you are telling her. And even stops raising questions when you ask her. Then you must start looking for cheating clues.

5- Late Nights

At Work, It is essential to be helpful in a relationship. Mainly if it involves your girlfriend trying to get a promotion at work. Still, if someone’s occasional late nights turn into constant late nights every week. Then this could be a sign. If she isn’t cheating, she’ll realize that sometimes there are more important things in life than work.

6- She Stops Opening

Up We sometimes think that cheating is just a physical act. But emotional cheating can be worse. If your girlfriend has stopped opening up to you. Also when you are persistently approached to talk. Then she may have found someone else that she is opening up to.

7- She Has Many

New Friends There is nothing wrong with having a large social circle. Diverse faces and characters always make for good friendships. But suddenly if you notice that she’s making new friends. And you haven’t been invited to meet them. Then something might not be right. This might be a sign that she is trying to move to a different crowd. The crowd that has no association with you.

8- Trouble In the Bedroom

A healthy sex life is a significant part of an intimate relationship. It doesn’t mean that you have to always show your love and affection through physicality. But if there is a lack of impulsive activity, there could be a problem. Every relationship has its ups and downs. So sometimes the sex life can get stale. If your girlfriend’s interest in being intimate with you keeps lessening. Then she may be getting her fix from someone else.

9- Her Phone Gets

All the Attention Due to the invention of the smartphone people hardly gets time to spend with each other. As they can interact with different types of social media. In relationships, it’s a good way to stay connected when you’re not together. But when you are with each other, there should be no need for phones. If your girlfriend is on her phone more than usual. Then she might be cheating. She might also be gripped by her social media. This is a serious issue as well.

10- Complete Makeover

It sounds weird but it is true. Signs that your girlfriend is cheating on you certainly include her getting a complete makeover. It’s natural for both partners to get comfortable in a relationship over time. This is a good thing. Though it shows that both of you feel that the relationship is in a stable place. But, if you notice that she has bought new clothes. Then a fresh new style to her hair and is wearing perfume every time she leaves the house. Then it could be a red flag. She may try and play it off. Also says she’s trying to look good for you. But you know that she looked good even before she did this alteration.

11-She’s Hiding

Things We all like personal space when it comes to certain things. If I have a password on my phone, it never means I’m hiding things. it only means I don’t want anyone attacking my privacy. But, if your girlfriend becomes very cautious about her phone, laptop or tablet. Then there might be a cause for concern. This is particularly true in a case. For example, If you find her changing her passwords or getting really jumpy as soon as you walk into the room. Then this is the strongest signs that your girlfriend is cheating on you.

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