Four years ago, news of about 39 Indian missing in Iraq was highlighted. Regarding this issue, the statement is passed by External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj in the House.


According to her statement, all the 39 Indians which were missing in Iraq nearly four years ago have been killed by IS militants.

Concern raised

Reports say that this is not the first case of Indians missings in Arab countries. Even before this, the news of Indians killed there or putting the Indians behind bars for the entire life was highlighted. Apart from this many people there are facing difficult situation and continuous physical violence.

Concern arises, when everybody is aware of the risk of their life in Arabs countries then why these countries are their choice to stay? Is it to save their money? Are they not concern about their life?

Professor Prashant Kumar of Middle East affairs and Delhi University answer to the concern

The biggest reason according to him for the people to go to Arab countries is to save money. According to Saudi Arabian currency Riyals, an Indian laborer 3 thousand riyals is equivalent to Rs 53 thousand in India.

The cost of living is very less there, so it is easy to save money in this country. Many of the Indians go there in groups so as to lower their expenses and double the savings.

Apart from this many Indians have the mentality that working under anyone in their country is slavery. Because of this, they move to other countries to earn there.

According to Prashant, many Indians going to Arab are totally illiterate. Being unskilled they earn a good amount there.

Discrimination on religion basis

In this country, a Muslim Indian gets work easily because he can easily involve himself in their culture.

Reports say that only private company prefers Indians Hindus for their own benefits. They want them to give their best with fewer holidays.

Statistical report

According to the report introduced by Foreign Minister on September 2017, near about 85 lakh Indians work in the Arab countries. In the initial months of 2017, 2.77 lakh Indians went there in search of work.

According to it, United Arab provided employment to 1.10 lakh Indians, Saudi Arabia to 59,911Indians, Oman to 42,095 Indians, Kuwait to 40,010Indians and Bahrain to 7,591Indians.

According to these immigrants reaching gulf from Uttar Pradesh are 62,438, by Bihar are 50,247, by West Bengal are 25,819 and Tamil Nadu are 24,003.

Money which goes to Arab Countries from India is

UAE -$ 1267 Million Dollar, Saudi Arabia– $ 1051 Million Dollar, Kuwait- $ 461 Million Dollar, Bahrain –$ 125 Million Dollar, Oman- $ 307 Million Dollar.

So ultimately to earn money they are putting their lives at risk.


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