Indore woman’s cry as eve teasers lift her skirt

Indore woman’s cry as eve teasers lift her skirt

Indore woman’s cry as eve teasers lift her skirt It seems that the women at Indore are not at all safe. Indore the financial capital of Madhypradesh is already shaken by the rape and murder of a baby girl.  Again there is another case of brutal eve teasing that too in the most crowded area of Indore. Yesterday a twee got viral on social networking sites. The tweet in which Indore woman cries as she was a victim of terrifying eve-teasing.

In this tweet, a blogger and model allege that two bikers tried to lift her skirt, while she was driving down one of Indore’s crowded and the busiest roads on her scooter. The incident took place on Sunday where some boys on a bike not only passed a lewd comment on her but also lift her skirt.

Victim herself wrote about the shameful eve-teasing incident on Twitter

The model has shared the eve teasing case with her through a social media platform. The model herself wrote about the shameful incident on Twitter. She said in her tweet that when she was going on her two-wheeler, two men tried to pull their skirt.

The model wrote – This is an incident of today (April 22). I was going from my active, during this time two young men tried to pull my skirt and said that show what is under it? In my attempt to stop them, the balance of my activa got worse and I became a victim of the accident.

The poor model fell off her scooter in the rumpus that shadowed and got severely hurt. She also posted a photo of her injuries that she got on a leg on Twitter. She is urging chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan to order DGP R K Shukla and Indore collector Nishant Warwade to strictly investigate the case and submit a report.

The Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan also “This is shameful. Find her and immediately take action,”

The DIG Harinarayanachari Mishra said that nobody came forward yet with such complaint. DIG ensured that the moment he will receive this complaint and complete details of the incident. He will strictly look into the matter. He urges victim to contact him.

On Monday, women came to meet the city SP to file an FIR. She later tweeted her thanks to the CM, DGP and other police officers and said that police officer are cooperative and made her easy to go with the complaint process.

People still blame girls for eve-teasing

Indore woman’s cry as eve teasers lift her skirt

This is such a distressing situation that the incident took place in the crowded place and not a single person came forward to help her. She said that she didn’t get any help from spectators.

Not just that, after seeing many incidents of rape with under 10 years of girls, some backward mentality people still say that this happened because the girl is wearing a skirt.

 She expressed it in one of her tweets,“What I want to wear is my ******* choice. Those guys don’t have any right to harass me because WEARING A SKIRT DOESN’T GIVE YOU A RIGHT TO BEHAVE LIKE THAT.

She had to tweet and raise this issue on social media as one uncle who came to help her after her skirt fall said, “it’s because you’re wearing a skirt!” I’ve never been so offended.”

At that time she was  “speechless and numb”, but wanted to discuss with the entire country asking is it really so? If it is true then what about the innocent girls who don’t know what rape is. These people must notice that in most of the recent rape incidents girls under 10 years of age are the victims. The innocent girls were brutally raped and killed. This is really shameful as, instead of blaming and catching that eve teaser, he is blaming the poor girl.

This is such a sad situation as people are not just ready to change their sick mentality regarding girls. This seems as if society doesn’t want to change.


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