Today, Women empowerment has become the most common and popular topic in the media.  Nobody can deny the fact that the Indian women are much stronger than the man in the Indian society. Gone are the days when the Indian women used to live in the four walls of the house. They were restricted from going out of their houses and to prosper their dreams was just a fantasy for them.

Women are a step ahead of your imagination. Here in this article, I’ll be sharing some real life bold steps by Indian women focusing on Women empowerment in our country. First of all, let’s talk about Women empowerment. What is Women empowerment?

Women empowerment in our country

Women empowerment is the ability of Indian women to enjoy their rights without the control of any individual on them. This is a bold step taken by Indian women to take benefits from the resources, assets, income and their own time in order to improve their economic status and wellbeing.

Bold steps were taken by Indian women which empower Women empowerment in our country

  1. #MeToo

Indian women’s have recently opened a new campaign with the name #MeToo. In this campaign, all the women’s across the globe share their views on the harassment faced by them during their lifetime. The women rights activist and actress Alyssa Milano also shared her views on the Women empowerment in her social media post.

Later many men and women were seen sharing their experiences on this campaign. It was necessary to make this campaign as it is considered shameful for the Indian women to raise their voice on sexual abuse. With the help of this campaign, it was seen that almost 90% of the Indian women have been through harassment in their life.

  1. #FreeTheNipple

The campaign #FreeTheNipple focuses on the important points like freedom, protection and gender equality of all the Indian women. This campaign was started in the year 2014 which focuses on sharing equal rights for both men and women. It raised a strong voice for Women empowerment.

Saloni Chopra became the first Indian star of Bollywood to join this campaign and posted a message that women need to be more open about their sexuality. Various celebs later took part in it raising their voice against every shaming associated with the female body like slut shaming, body shaming, and color shaming.

According to this campaign, the boys are allowed to roam shirtless in the society but the Indian women’s cannot be even seen in a Bra. There are still people in this society who also have the problem with the girl’s Bra strap coming out. Saloni

Chopra posted a photo on Instagram holding a Bra in her hand. Her main aim was to shame those people who shame women for showing their innerwear. “Our body our desire” focusing on Women empowerment.  Women don’t need to be ashamed of everything like pads, tampons, lingerie.

She was later criticized for supporting this campaign to which she replied “Let us all take a moment of silence for all those who read the word nipple and immediately related it to sexual” The main aim of this campaign is to repair the hell lot of damage which is done to Indian society by spreading awareness on the Women empowerment.

  1. #NoBlouse

“The Saree Festival NO BLOUSE please challenge” where more than 1000 women posted their pictures on this campaign wearing saree without the blouse.

This campaign depicted the traditional way of wearing sari without any blouse or petticoat. It is believed that by wearing a sari in this way makes women feel more liberated. The campaign #NoBlouse focusing on Women empowerment shows us about the bold step taken by Indian women.

  1. #LipstickRebellion

The campaign #LipstickRebillion was made up the female stars of the movie “Lipstick Under My Burkha” on Twitter. The celebrities included Konkona Sen Sharma, Ratna Shah Pathak, Alankrita Srivastava and Ekta Kapoor who shared their lipstick rebellion selfies on this campaign. They later invited many women to join them in this campaign.

The movie went through so many conflicts for using contagious sexual scenes and abusive words. But the movie did receive positive feedback from the Indian society. These stars main aim was to spread awareness about Women empowerment and to make women’s more open towards their sexuality.

  1. #StudentsAgainstAVBP

This campaign came up by the Indian women Gurmehar Kaur in February 2017 who uploaded a profile picture on her Facebook account. The profile picture included her photograph with a sheet of paper in her hands stating that “I am a student at Delhi University. I am not afraid of ABVP. I am not alone. Every student of India is with me.”Gurmehar Kaur who took this bold step is the daughter of Kargil martyr Captain Mandeep Singh.

This campaign came to highlight when the Delhi University’s student suffered a brutal attack and was going through many conflicts. By doing this she says that ABVP is harming the ideas, morals, freedom, and rights of every person in India. The stones thrown by you will only hit our bodies but not our beliefs.

By posting these comment she received many treats including rape by ABVP protestor on social media. This initiative taken by her is a big step towards Women empowerment. She considers this bold step her way of showing that she does not fear anything.

  1. Kangana Ranaut in Aap Ki Adalat

“If they put me, a successful actress through so much, imagine what they must be doing to girls with no clout or support?” Kangana Ranaut this bold statement in Rajat Sharma Aap Ki Adalat showed her bravery and confidence.

She openly spoke about all the controversies faced by her and real-life incidents of her life. She even shared some personal details regarding her love life and how she recovered from these incidents.This bold step taken by Kangana Ranaut speaks a lot about Women empowerment in Indian society.

  1. #ProudToBleed

According to the reports of ISCA, out of 355 million Indian women, only 12% of them use sanitary pads during their periods.  The rest 88% depends on cloth, ashes, and rags due to unaffordable prices of the pads. Many of them simply ignore using pads.

Diya India Foundation along with actress Saloni Chopra took a step towards spreading awareness about Women empowerment to the ladies of rural India. They donated sanitary pads in order to encourage better menstrual hygiene for underprivileged girls.

Saloni Chopra posted a picture on Instagram stating that let’s help those who can’t afford it. She further said that let’s start talking to our maids, servants, drivers, watchmen, and most importantly, the next generation. Next time you buy yourself pads; please buy a packet for someone who can’t afford one.

These real-life incidents prove about the steps taken by Indian women towards encouraging Women empowerment in the society. According to me, Indian women are not reluctant to take any bold step in the Indian society. The women of today’s follow their dreams to live a life they desire. Indian women are an inspirational model for all of us.


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