It is from nine years that the Indian soldiers are waiting to get the bulletproof jackets. Finally, their long-term wait pays off. The government signed a major contract under ‘Make in India’ that will see that the army finally get the life-saving kit its soldiers desperately need during operations. The soldiers are requesting for the jacket for long. It is for more than 1.86 lakh bulletproof jackets. Now Indian Soldiers finally get bulletproof Jackets.

Nine years before the request of 1.86 lakh bulletproof jackets were made

Nine years before that is in 2009, the government acknowledged an army need for 1.86 lakh bulletproof jackets. But this order canceled as none of the vendors cleared trials that army has conducted.

Out of four participants, it is only one who cleared the first round. In this round, the jackets had to validate their ability to withstand  30 caliber Armour-piercing bullets. These were demonstrated and their ability is judged in the series of tests in diverse conditions.

There are manufacturers which cleared the first round but failed in the next round. In the second round, the bulletproof jacket was purposely despoiled to imitate typical wear and tear which actually occurs when army fights in the fields against terrorist.

Due to the obvious dearth of bulletproof jackets at its clearance. The army decided to go for 50,000 bulletproof jackets in March 2016. It is under part of the temporary emergency purchase. Though it was not the actual solution as these bulletproof jackets were designed to older specifications. They did not meet the standards that the army wants in the bulletproof jackets.

Thus the order of 50,000 jackets did not consider as the serious attempt in the direction of meeting the army’s overall need. The need of more than 3.5 lakh bulletproof jackets for its army.

Rs 639 crore order signed for a bulletproof jackets

The contract of manufacturing a high-class bulletproof jacket has been attained by SMPP Pvt Ltd. It is a small company based in Delhi. It has a Research and Development Centre in the Okhla Industrial Area. This is one of the biggest achievements for the SMPP Pvt Ltd as this is the biggest order that small company has ever signed it.  The Rs 639 crore orders signed today is anticipated to be very fruitful for the company.

As per the statement was given by the company, it is hoping to complete delivery of all the jackets within the time given to them that is of three years. He also said that the body armor can see the most strict standards of the Indian Army.

About bulletproof jacket

The company official said “These bulletproof jackets have ‘Boron Carbide Ceramic’ which is the lightest material for ballistic protection.

The bulletproof jacket which is into manufacturing process consists of modular parts. These modular parts provide huge defense and elasticity to soldiers working in different operational situations. It

Is suitable for every operation that ranges from high-risk room intervention scenarios to long distance patrolling. Not just this the bulletproof jacket has the ability to withstand the influence of even the modern hard steel core bullets. Thus it can easily save the lives of soldiers who are in fighting in the field for the country.

It seems that high-class bulletproof jacket is ready to meet all the requirements of the army, which has worked hard to obtain body armor for its soldiers. It is due to the repressive slow locating system.

 Now the army will have the most basic equipment

This bulletproof jacket contract has created a lot of hope among the Indian soldiers. By this contract, the head of the army is really thankful. He is now relaxed that their soldiers will have world-class basic equipment finally after a certain time.

Also, this new body armor or bulletproof jacket is not only important for the success of government’s Make in India initiative. But it will also enhance the confidence level of the soldier. As it can give moral power and dominance to security forces of our country which is the must.


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