Indian 4G speed is the slowest in the worldIndia still has the too long way to go when it comes to in terms of Indian  4G download speed. According to the latest open signal report ‘The state of LTE(February 2018)’, The country lists in the bottom of the table in terms of average download connection speed. That users in each country get while connecting LTE network. Indian 4G speed is worst in the given list since November 2017.According to the UK based company’s report, The average speed declined from 6.13 Mbps to decimal 6.07mbps. The country now ranks below Algeria and Indonesia. Is Indian 4G speed slowest in the world really?

However, India ranks at 14 in terms of 4G coverage internationally. The country has 86.26 4G availability, making it one of the top countries in terms 4G signal’s availability metric tracks the proportion of time users have the access to the particular network. How then Indian 4G network be helpful if it’s too slow?.Is Indian 4G speed making his worth? not sure from this report.

Talking about the reason of slowest 4G speed in the world report says, There is no hard and fast rule. Countries can have accessible networks, but their speed can be limited by capacity constraints. In the same time Countries with new LTE network have limited 4G  availability. But due, to a light road can support considerably support fast speeds. Is  4G speed slowest in the world because the number of users is much more amount?.

The report adds that both India and Thailand provide long distance access to LTE signal. But in both the cases their 4G network lack the capacity to deliver connections speeds much faster than 3G to increase the 4G speed?. This is not going to be easy. But will have to do if want to increase the capacity. This is the reason why Indian 4G sped slowest in the world.

Among the top speed nations, they are South Korea, Japan, Norway, Hongkong, and Us. The countries top in the ranking are in the same order respectively. However, none of the countries have able to cross 50mbps mark. According to the report, The country is still waiting to get that spark that will push speed beyond 50mbps. We say that Indian 4G speed is in nowhere among these top nations.

For the last several reports of the LTE   Open signal has found that in the fastest countries average LTE download speed is 45mbps. So, if to increase the speed of 4G network Indian 4G speed, capacity to deliver connection faster as possible. If that will not happen in upcoming future then it will remain slowest 4G speed in the world.The users will get increasing day by day so to remain at that speed also it will be difficult remain in that very speed too.

If Indian 4G speed will increase then there will be every possibility to be in a topmost country in the terms top speed nation supplier. The users will get increased due to which attachment with the 4G will be there too. A what about the others G which will be coming in upcoming future. Will it not get affected as 4G speed is not yet delivered how can 5G?

If Indian 4G speed will increase work can be completed before the time span. As from the proverb”Time and Tide wait for none”.Do not wait for it. If we went back then it will be impossible to bounce back. Then we know how to increase the 4G network?

Now Indian 4G network is in the worst position. Try to improve it. Try to make people’s life easier. Also, try to fix the time-wasting downloads as well as uploads. Everywhere people go to search it on the internet it takes so much time. So time-consuming will vanish. Say no to slowest 4G network in the world. And say yes to fastest growing 4G network in the world.

Indian 4G network will be the fastest one just do what it needs to do in increasing speed as well as connecting to each one. It will happen one day the thoughts must be towards to increase the speed. One day we shall overcome breaking all records, breaking all countries fastest internet speed. Do well Indian 4G network.



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