WhatsApp an instant messaging platform owned by Facebook on Thursday formally announced the launch of a new ‘Business’ application. This new Business application is known WhatsApp Business. This app is already launched in Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, Britain and the US and will get launched in India, in the coming weeks.

About the app -WhatsApp Business

It’s a free download Android application for business users.  It allows easy access for companies to connect with customers with 1.3 billion users to have businesses chat.

The app provides useful information to the customers from the business description, email, store addresses to various online websites. WhatsApp is used by people all around the globe to connect to various small businesses ranging from online clothing companies in one part of the world to auto parts stores in other countries.

It’s Features

Messaging tools:

This feature provides quick replies to frequently asked questions, introduced some greeting messages that welcome customers to the business, and few ignorance messages to let them know that one is busy.

It allows users to control all the messages they receive with the ability to block any number in their business as well as report spam feature.

It will help them to communicate with customers all around the world in order to expand their business.

Messaging Statistics:

It provides the feature to see the number of messages read in order to check how it is working.

WhatsApp Web:

This feature provides the desktop usage of this app.

Account Type:

It includes several businesses account ranging from confirmed to the verified account.

It will remove all opportunities for the fraud activities done by criminals.

Classics the fashion eyewear company was the first company to test the WhatsApp Business app. It used it to message customers quickly and build personal relationships with them in order to grow their business.

WhatsApp co-founder Devesh Nichani says that

WhatsApp Business will help everyone to develop stronger relationships with their customers. They will be able to respond faster to customers with features like away messages and quick replies thereby offering a better overall experience.

How to use this app?

As a user, we don’t need to download anything new unless you have a small business. You only need to be aware of this new WhatsApp system to know that there a way for businesses to contact your customers officially using the popular messaging app.


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