Every person faces some kind of problems in his or her life. Sometimes it is for a short span of time while some last for a longer time period.

They can be handled with small astrological measures. There are several things you can do to change your luck.


Here are some small measures which can change your luck:

  • If a person is ill from a long time, keep a coin under his pillow at night. Later, throw the coin into the crematorium.
  • Place a horseshoe at the top right corner of the main door at the entrance of the house. By doing this you are inviting good luck to enter the house.
  • Swastik brings love and prosperity to the house. Make sure that you always place it in the clockwise direction.
  • Feather is believed to be a sign of good luck. It is believed to bring good luck and fortune.
  • By planting yellow flower plants, you are spreading positive energy.
  • Try feeding pigeons and other birds with green moong beans.
  • Plant Tulsi Plant as it fills the environment with positive energy thereby bringing good luck.
  • Always take the blessings of elders in your home daily and also before doing any special work.
  • On Poornima and Amavasya try to sprinkle Gangajal on your house as well as on the family members.
  • Always worship Lord Ganesha. This will minimize all the hurdles of your life.
  • Always feed hungry animals to make your day successful.
  • Don’t humiliate your partner in any case. This can attract bad energies in your home which can ruin your life.
  • Start your day with medication. This will make you more powerful to perform your task more effectively.
  • Particular Planets like Saturn and Mars are responsible for the bad luck. You can try to praise them by feeding a cow with a ripe banana on every Thursday.
  • Saturn is known as the lord of obstacles in life. Try to worship him every Saturday by offering flowers and fruits.
  • Put butterfly in your bedroom or study room to bring peace, wealth and good luck.
  • Jupiter is the lord of good fortune. You can worship him for good luck in your life.
  • Keep a cactus tree in a pot on the right side of your house to save you from negative energy. This provides you a protection circle.
  • You can also use Gemstones for good luck. But before using it make sure it is pure.


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