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How to destroy negative energy from home ?

Many times, it happens that we encounter a negativity or negative energy in our home. This starts affecting our life badly. It unnecessarily creates stress, anxiety, insecurity, clashes etc. Most of the time you have seen couples are fighting on small things, family members are not healthy, clashes and disputes arise and what not.

It could be because there is some negative energy is living in our house. Also, we ran through the bad phase of life. We move to a new house and does not find the house energy very positive and harmonious.

In such cases, it is vital to eliminate the energy which has become immobile and negative. Then invite the positive energy in the house.

Here are some superb tips to recharge your home with positive vibrations. This will surely remove negative energy from it.

1-Getting the house painted

Whenever you move to a new house the first thing you should do is the painting work. Also, wash the floors with salt water. Just clean all the windows, fans, cupboards etc. It will clear much of the energies of the previous occupant.

Whenever we stay in any house then the house absorbs our energy and our experiences the house items like beds, bedsheets, curtains, sofa etc also absorb our energy. So if you are moving to a new house as a renter then always choose taking an empty house. Get it painted before moving in.

2- Fresh air and sunlight

Open all the windows and doors of the home and let the fresh air flow in your home. Increase the cross ventilation in your home and switch on fans to help air circulation. sunlight is very vital for removing negative energy.

3- Washing the floor with salt water

For this put a cup of regular salt in one bucket of water. (It is important to know that sea salt is much better than regular salt for this purpose). Then do floor mopping with this salt water. Salt water is an exceptional way of removing negativity. This is not a bad idea to clean your home once in a month with salt water. One can take salt water bath also by putting a cup of salt in your bucket to remove negative energy.

4- Fragrances

In every religion, there is a particular fragrance used. Every type of fragrance has various purpose and properties. So make use of all – dhoop, agarbati, lohan, camphor and particularly sage.

Burning sesame oil: sesame oil is especially useful for clearing negativity. Along with this, it is also the district of evil energy or black magic.

5- Play devotion music as well as Vedic chanting mantras

One of the best remedies is to chant mantra OM by yourself. One should do at least for some minutes or some other powerful mantra. But if you cannot do that. Then at least play devotional music or mantras in your music system. It’s not a bad idea to let the devotional music keep on playing throughout the night or day. Just play it a low volume which does not disturb your sleep as well as the neighbors.

6- Religious ceremony

If you are facing a serious problem. Then immediately call Vedic pundits for performing a haven in the home. Also, organize a religious event like reading a holy book of your religion.

7- Meditation

If you know meditation then there is nothing better than it.Through the meditation, one can achieve a state of total stillness. This will transform the whole energy of the house.

8- Removing unused items

Whatever you don’t need or is not going to use in future. Then why don’t you get rid of it and better donate it to poor people? It could be your old clothes, books, crockery, shoes or something else. You just clear the space for something new to come in your life.

10- Put your house items in proper order

  • Put everything in your home in proper place and let your home look neat and ordered.
  • Clear all the cobwebs from your home. Get rid of any broken item, glass or crockery.
  • This will promptly make a big difference in your house energy
  • This will bring more clarity to you as well.

 11- Charge the corners of your home

Corners of our home are the places where a maximum amount of negative energy is deposited.

  • So you can keep a bowl with salt water in a corner for 30 minutes.
  • Then throw it in the wash basin or also you can burn camphor in the corners.
  • One can also have a small water fountain in the home.

12- Remove items which bring thoughts of negativity and depression

  • Just have an alert look at your home.
  • Figure out the items which bring thoughts of sadness, depression or brings down your morale.
  • Just remove these items.
  • Also wash your bedsheets, curtains, and doormats.

 13- Spiritual masters photos and Buddha statue

 Try to keep some photos of enlightened masters such as  Buddha, Nanak, Krishna, Jesus in your home.If possible, then keep Buddha statue or the statue of your beloved master

 14- Keep some plants in the home

Plants give us lot of prana and they charge the place.Always make your surrounding green and while looking for a new home keep an eye on the amount of greenery in that area.So keep some potted plants like palms in your home and if you have garden space then plant some trees.

 15- Avoid non-vegetarian food, alcohol and lot of sex

These all things in combination attract negative entities. It is because when a couple is having sex then a lot of bodyless beings get attracted towards them. As they want to be reborn. But the final race is usually won by one. The one who is karmically likely to be reborn in your home. But when you go too much into these things, particularly in negative places. Then you can offset the nature rule and unknowingly invite such problems in your life.

 16- Take care of your energies

  •  Don’t spend time with criticizing others.
  • Don’t watch bad movies or listen to music which makes you restless.
  • Avoid people and situation which drains you of energy and makes you tired.
  • Whenever you come from a crowded place than always take bath.
  • Share your abundance and positivity with others. As whatever we share increases and whatever we don’t share get depleted.

If the above-discussed remedies will also not work in your case. And you are suffering from a intense negative energy. Then please take help of the professional who is dealing with these negative energies.

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