Guess Baba Ramdev’s Next Business Plan

Guess Baba Ramdev’s Next Business Plan

A well-known yoga teacher Baba Ramdev turned to be a great celebrity in a very small course of time. Starting with the teaching of yoga, he is now turning to be a great business personality, who, along with herbal medicines business dealing in many other fields such as beverages, foods, cleaning agents, water purifiers, personal care and products and giving threat and competition to many deep-rooted companies running in India.  It is also supposed to be overtaking Hindustan Unilever in the coming days.  The company achieved a capacity of 50000 crores and continuously marking growth in its business. Ramdev’s Patanjali is already dealing in online business with the target of crossing sell of 1000 crores. He has recently announced partnerships with eight leading e-commerce companies in India which include Amazon, Grofers, Flipkart, Paytm etc.

GUESS BABA RAMDEV’S NEXT BUSINESS PLAN:  Apparel business of Baba Ramdev is soon going to be launched in upcoming days, supposed to be on Diwali of this year, which included both men’s and woman’s clothes and footwears.  He is also set to launch packaged mineral water from foothills of the Himalayas which will be branded with name Divyajal.  Ramdev’s spokesperson said that within the period of six months Divya Jal will be in the market of India, but he did not announce any price or exact date of its launching.  According to Baba Ramdev company, it is going to hire more than 20,000 peoples in upcoming days.  Patanjali Ayurved which is known for its Swadeshi FMCG products has already taken steps into solar energy field with acquiring Advance Navigation and Solar Technologies Pvt. Ltd.


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