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Government refuses passports to officers under inquiry in corruption

Recently the government has decided to refuse passports to officers who are being inquired or impeached in corruption cases. Also, the one who is facing FIR registered by a government entity after an initial inquiry. According to new government guidelines, these officers are not be allowed to get a vigilance permission required for getting the passport.

Moreover, the vigilance clearance may also be refused to an officer who is under deferment, also if there is some charge sheet issued against the officer and disciplinary proceedings are incomplete.

However, this refusal of vigilance clearance for the passport due to pending criminal proceedings is not new. It is also said by the government that officers will also unable to get a passport in a case authorization for their inquiry and prosecution filed under the Prevention of Corruption Act or any other criminal matter has been granted by a concerned authority.

Officer can go abroad to attend family events

In a situation of FIRs grounded on private complaints, then a  charge sheet is filed by the investigating authority. Also, there would be no guidelines to the contrary by a court of law for vigilance clearance. Though, information concerning FIRs based on private complaints can be provided to the passport office. But final decision should only be taken by issuing authority.

Even though making the norms for grant of vigilance clearance is more strict for officers who are under charges of corruption. But still, the new rules issued by the personnel ministry offer certain leniency. For instance, if in case any officer needs to attend any medical emergencies for himself or even for close family members who belong to abroad. Then he is allowed to attend.

The standards also enable an officer to be present at family events out of the country. So, though an officer against whom disciplinary proceedings are unresolved will normally not be granted passport. But he is allowed foreign travel on certain.

This is an excellent decision taken by the government regarding the corrupt officers. But why only officers, it must be applicable to each and every criminal which includes politician and influential people as well.

Key points –

  • The government has decided to refuse passports to officers. The one who is under any type of inquiry or prosecution in corruption cases or facing FIR.
  • Such officers will not be provided vigilance clearance which is must for grant of passport.
  • However, government standards are relaxed and the officer can attend any family events overseas. Also, he can travel abroad if there is some medical emergency with himself or his close friends or relatives.

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