Golden Temple is on Question - What Sikhs want for Golden Temple?Radical Sikh groups in other countries, engaged in secret talks with the government, put forward three main demands, including an apology at a global forum for the 1984 military operation in the Golden Temple and a special status for the Akal Takht and Harmandar Sahib on the lines of the Vatican, according to two people familiar with the developments.

The three key issues raised by interlocutor Rai

The three key issues raised by interlocutor Rai with the India side including an apology. Apology for what?.The apology from Indian prime minister to a Sikh worldwide for operating Blue Star, the operation to flush out Sikh militants holed up in the Golden Temple that resulted in more than 500 deaths. Why is it not happen When Manmohan Singh was prime minister?.

The other demands were for the government to accept the “supremacy” of the Akal Takht and Harmandar Sahib, which should be given a special status akin to that of the Vatican so that Sikhs living abroad could have a say in its decisions, and that the government to prepare for “open-ended” talks on all issues arising from Operation Blue Star, including the anti-Sikh riots and alleged extrajudicial killings.When the solution will be provided?.

After establishing the contract with Uk based Sikh group, the government had been hoping to bring on board the radical group in Canada. But after Canada denied an Electronic travel Authorization to Rai, the Sikh group refused to meet in the conversation. Contract for what?.

The people familiar with the developments said instead there had been some progress in whittling down the “blacklist”, allowing former Khalistan supporters to visit India. One case that recently came to light was the removal from the list of Jaspal Atwal, a Canada-based convicted Khalistani terrorist, though his presence in India during Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s visit caused embarrassment to the Canadian government. Blacklist, how can you decide it?.

The process will take along a long time. Don’t test the patience Sikhs. They are much aware of that. A handful of political prisoners also releases through about 17 of the most high-profile prisoners, such as Lal Singh, continue to be in jail, the people said.


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