Do All Girls Love Teddy?

It is a universal fact that girls love teddy bears. But the reason is always a mystery to others. Girls are teased when they carry their teddies where ever they go. Sometimes people around them laugh at their bond with their teddy bear. Girls always need more emotional strength than boys. They prefer saying everything to someone. But they don’t believe anyone easily. Girls love cute things and teddy bears, pet cats, and pups are the cutest things on this planet according to most of the girls. A teddy can be a good travel buddy. Even if girls are lazy, she can happily go alone without missing anyone if a teddy bear is on her side.

 Do All Girls Love Teddy?

As a teddy does not have bad breath, she can happily kiss it anytime without worrying about bad smells. A Teddy never argues or fights back with girls, her true love is with teddy for sure. Also, a teddy can keep smiling even after she slaps it…. men are not capable of such patients, is it right?

Women tell all their secrets to only their close female friends and teddy bears. The female friends may leak secrets, but a teddy bear never breaks her trust. Teddy is hug partners for most of the girls. They love to hug their teddies while crying, or at happiest times and some even name their teddy’s by their boyfriend’s name. We all grow up by saying that there are monsters around us which we eat up if we do not finish our meals. In these cases, for girls, teddy bears become their protectors who sleep and protect them during nights. Girls will remember her sweet childhood when she holds a teddy with her hands. Some of the girls believe that the presence of their Teddy can bring them luck.

It also spreads happiness among people. This is a fact when we are alone or we are hurt by someone knowingly or unknowingly, we need on someone’s shoulders on whom we put our head and say all the things which make anyone hurt.

So, on a personal, not all girls love teddy as caretaker.


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