Why the girls love chocolates?Over 99% of the girls are over-optimistic or can say addicted to chocolates. most girls love chocolates such as cream, milk, dark, fruity. Chocolate contains important quantities of minerals like magnesium which makes every girl more attracted towards it. Eating chocolate makes you feel good and satisfied because it increases the level of serotonin in the brain. The hormonal levels in girls usually keep on shifting which causes several physical and emotional ups and downs. To bring about a certain pattern of these hormones, girls eat chocolates as a reflex action. The brain produces a potion called phenylethylamine when a girl falls in love, which is incidentally present in chocolate too. So when girls consume chocolate, they get energy from the sugar and cocoa in it and the phenylethylamine improves their mood. These two combined take girls to new heights and give them pleasure.

Chocolate helps girls to feel happiness. Sweetness present in chocolate lets out hormones of happiness. This knowledge somehow acts in the opposite way and their craving for chocolate will increase and they eat more. There are some logical reasons for having chocolate. Chocolate has a great taste. The creamier the chocolate, the faster it melts in your mouth. The variety of flavors it comes in is surely mouth watering. Chocolate can make feel happy. So if Girls just got periods or are facing some stress in her life. Chocolate can balance these fluctuations chemical.

Chocolate also brings some taste change if talk about food-wise, taste-wise, yummy wise simply can cay chocolates plays the role of mood change, food taste wise change. On a business point of view, chocolate is very much beneficial as it will raise the graph of the largest selling price of the single product. Moreover, it was found Chocolate affects the brain of women in a different way.

The brain of some men and women were scanned using MRI and it was found that chocolate affected the activity of the amygdala more in the brain of women. The Amygdala is a part of the brain that can affect emotions and sexual desire. so well, well, well, so, Do Women love Chocolate more than men? The result shows everything in a very clear picture.


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