Girl parents arrested for settling the rape case

Settling rape case

An 18-year-old girl who was raped by two men in August 2017 reached police station to complain against her parents. Her parents accepted the bribe from the accused of settling the rape case.

Accused bribe victim parents for settling the rape case                                

According to the girl, she was raped by two men in 2017 after which she filed the complaint against the accused. Both of them were arrested soon after her complaint. But one of the accused who came out on interim bail approached the victim parents for settling the rape case.

With the aim of settling the rape case, he offered the amount of Rs. 20 Lakh to the victim family. He wanted the girl to change her statement in the court in order to withdraw the case. The girl parents readily agreed for settling the rape case as they belong from a humble background. But the girl was not ready to withdraw her statement in the court. They even threatened to kill her for not changing the statement in the court.

Girl statement in the police station

The girl reached the police station on Tuesday and informed police that she was raped by two unknown men. She further told that she was kidnapped by them, raped and was left abandoned at the spot.

The girl even informed police about the accused who is out on interim bail Sunil Shahi. She told them how the accused Sunil Shahi reached to her parents and made an offer of Rs. 20 lakh for settling the rape case. The most shocking part of her statement was that her parents did not even once rejected the offer and even asked for the advance money for settling the case.

Victim asked her parents for justification

The victim informed that she was in the room and was listening to the entire conversation of accused Sunil Shahi and her parents. She told that as soon as Shahi left the house she came out of the room and asked her parents for justification. Instead, her parents started convincing her to change the statement in the court for settling the rape case.

She said that she was completely against for settling the rape case but her parents were forcing her to do so. They kept trying to convince her but she did not change her mind. They even blackmailed her emotionally that they are poor and need money at this time. The other morning accused came to offer the advance money of Rs. 5 lakh which her mother happily accepted from him. They hid the money under the bed and went to the court for settling the rape case.

The police registered the case immediately after her statement

The girl managed to took out the bag filled with cash money and reached the police station of Aman Vihar to file a complaint against her parents. Immediately after her entire statement, the police registered the case under IPC Section 195 (A) and 506 for threatening any person to change the statement. The IPC Section 120(B) the punishment of criminal conspiracy and Section 75 of the Juvenile Justice Act was also registered.

According to the police statement, the girl handled the first installment set to them and they are trying to investigate the case. The mother of the victim who was unaware of the fact that her daughter reached police station returned home from the court and was caught first. While her father, however, managed to flee away on hearing his wife arrest. The team of police is searching for her father and the accused Sahil Shahi who were settling the rape case.


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