‘Funny And Comedy Stories to Make You Laugh’ and will put smile on your face – Funny and Comedy Stories to Make You Laugh

  1. Root cause analysis –

A Management lecturer was talking about “Quality”.

Lecturer: We all know Lord Ram went to spend 14 years in the forest and Sita was kidnapped because of a “quality issue”.

Student: How is this anything to do with quality?

Lecturer: Tell me why did Sita go to the forest with Ram?

Student: Because she was his wife and respected his every decision.

Lecturer: OK but why did Ram go to the forest?

Student: Because his father Dasharatha told him to do so and he never disobeyed his father.

Lecturer: OK, why did Dasharatha send his son to the forest?

Student: Dasharatha offered his wife (Kaikeyi) two boons, and she chose to make use of them in the future.

And she wanted her son to be king, so on the day of Rama’s crowning, she asked Dasharatha to send Rama to forest and crown her son; reminding him of his promised boons.

Lecturer: So why did Dasharatha offer his wife two boons?

Student: Because during a military campaign against Sambarasura, the wheel of Dasharatha’s chariot broke and kaikeyi inserted her finger to hold the wheel in place.

Touched by her courage and timely service, Dasharatha offered her two boons.

Lecturer: Hence Proved. The quality of Chariot’s wheel was not up to the mark… leading to the kidnapping of Sita…!!!

So, using the “5 why” technique we see that Quality is very important and if the quality of Chariot’s wheel was good, the Ramayana wouldn’t have happened!

2. Auto Refill –

Banta walked through the forest when he heard a cry for help. He found a dwarf, stuck in a trap. He freed the dwarf, and the dwarf granted him two wishes.

“My first wish,” Banta said, “is a bottle of whiskey that will never be empty.”

And flash, there was the bottle. Banta opened it and drank it empty. The next moment, the bottle was full again. Banta was very happy.

“What is your second wish,” the dwarf asked?

Banta replied, “I want another bottle…”


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