The word robotic flying Cars give us an idea of a personal flying vehicle which is able to fly in the sky by itself. The thinking of flying in the air is a dream that man has seen for centuries.  No doubt that until now we have invented lots of flying vehicles and hundreds of peoples flies from one place to another place very easily.  But, either all of these are means of public transfer, or they are meant to be used by military or government agencies. Normal people until now cannot think of flying in the sky like a bird because either these are very expensive for them or because of their being non-technical.  So the scientists have brought with them an innovative idea of a robotic flying car.  A robotic flying car which can fly by itself.

Researchers previously developed a robot named the “flying monkey ” that could run and fly, as well as grasp items. However, researchers had to program the paths the flying monkey would take; it could not find safe routes by itself.

Now, these scientists have developed robotic flying cars that can both fly and drive through a simulated city-like setting.  Moreover, these drones (robotic flying cars) can move autonomously without colliding with each other, the researchers said. “Our vehicles can find their own safe paths,” Araki told Live Science.

The researchers have made quadcopter drones or robotic flying cars and installed motors on their wheels at their bottom.  The device could fly for about 295 feet or drive for 826 feet before their batteries ran out.

The scientists also developed algorithms that could ensure the robots that they do not collide with one another. In tests in a miniature town all the robotic machine successfully navigated from one point to other without collision.

According to a scientist, Arkai the which that can drive and fly is much more useful than only fly or drive.

But these all are going through a trial process.  According to scientists “Our current system of drones certainly isn’t robust enough to carry people right now.  They are hoping that these experiments will help them in exploring powerful device which would be capable enough of carrying people from one place to another.  And we can hope that in the near future we will be able to see the flying robotic cars standing in front of our houses to serve us.


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