The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) in India took a big-step towards creating a healthy workplace for its employees. It improvised the medical hospitalization benefits for same-sex partners.

Initiative taken by RBS

In India, under Section 377 of the penal code, homosexuality, lesbian, gay, bisexual & transgender partners are not eligible for any insurance scheme.

RBS in India decided to take the initiative of providing them with the insurance facility. RBS, insurance policy for homosexuals will come into effect from this April 1.


Steps taken by other Organizations

Various organizations have extended multiple benefits like adoption leave, paternity leave and relocation to same-sex partners for their employees.

L’Oreal took a progressive step by offering certain benefits like adoption leave, maternity/paternity leave irrespective of the gender of its employees or partners.  It even introduced surrogacy leave for the employees irrespective of their gender.

Salesforce took an initiative which brings together employees of similar sexual orientation and gender identity.  Jnanesh Kumar, the employee Director of Salesforce India, believes in promoting open and inclusive culture for their employees.

In 2009, the Delhi high court made it legal for same sex to get married but restricted them from taking benefits of insurance policies.

UN standards on LGBT

According to UN standards on LGBT companies should extend the benefits for same sex-partners, spouses, children and other staff members irrespective of sexual orientation, gender, expression etc.

The RBS Rainbow Network India

Google has an LGBT community of employees called Gayglers, RBS has also established a similar community named The RBS Rainbow Network India.

Vikas Goel, head of the engineering transformation, core banking & payments, RBS India, took a step which focus on the LGBT community to protect them from various difficulties faced by them in society. More such initiatives are there to be taken by them.

They want to preserve the privacy and confidentiality of these employees eliminating the fear of judgement and reservation. He says that all policies will be equal for employees providing them a fair opportunity to grow. Currently employees at RBS India get a health insurance of Rs 8 lakh covering their spouse, children, and aged parents. The expanded new policy of RBS covers the partners of LGBT employees as well.

Many companies have inclusive polices but still lack of sensitivity and awareness among colleagues is a major concern.


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