Facebook Launching 20 TV shows – In addition to the lots of features that Facebook offers, there is one new addition that is the ‘Watch’ feature. Facebook is a social media network that allows you to maintain a list of your friends and allows you to be in contact with your distant friends, relatives and loved ones. Facebook allowseverybody to share pics, videos and more. N facebook will allow you to watch shows too. Facebook has announced that they are replacing the ‘video’ button with the ‘watch’ button. Watch is a new feature or platform that Facebook is offering forwatching TV shows on Facebook. Watch is a Facebook TV platform and first, it will be available to the limited subset of US users and then after seeing the reviews and the likings and its success, this ‘watch’ platform will be made available to everyone.

                           This ‘Watch’ platform is nothing but the Facebook TV platform. But what is the Facebook TV actually? Facebook TV is a TV-like platform that will allow you to watch shows and videos and movies onFacebook. Facebook has announced that they will be launching the 20 TV shows that will be the Facebook’s own content or shows.Facebook TV will allow you to do activities like watching television programs and movies. Some of the media companies including Group Nine Media, BuzzFeed, ATTN, and Vox Media (which owns The Verge) and sites like Netflix, Hulu and the Internet Movie Database are the partners of Facebook.By using Facebook TV feature, you will be able to watch shows and movies directly through Facebook and also you will be able to share your watching experiences with others and engage in conversations about your favorite content and you can share on FB with your FB friends list that which video or show you are watching and which one you like and which one you don’t like.

Facebook TV will be an alternative to youtube. On facebook TV platform, people or individual video creators will be able to share their videos or episodes of the show and also they will be able to make money from TV style breaks on Facebook TV. Facebook will give exposure to all the videos or shows on Facebook TV, the platform which billions of users use. Facebook TV will be the middlebrow entertainment.

Facebook TV was about to be launched in June 2017 but further, the launching was delayed to August and now it was told that the launching could be delayed more.Facebook asked their TV partners to submit the first episodes of their ‘spotlight’ shows. These shows will be5 minutes to 10minutes shows that are owned by the media companies that have partnered with Facebook. The TV shows that will be owned solely by Facebookwill be 20 minutes to 30 minutes long shows. 45 percent revenue coming from the Ads will be going to Facebook. Facebook TV will be goingto be a good TV platform.


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