Emerging scenario of rapidly growing population all over the world, has led everybody to think over the consequences which are taking shape secondary to it.  Countries like India and China where the population growth and density is so high seems to be more prone to face the consequences. Traffic jam problem is one of many serious consequences which grossly influence the public life and it now seems to be emerging at its extent.  With the increasing of population, number of vehicles launching on the road is also increasing and worsening the scenario.

As the said goes “Necessity is mother of all inventions,” means with the arising of any problem, its solution also comes in existence.  Scientists and socialists all over the worlds are suggesting a number of solutions to encounter the ongoing traffic jam challenges. We will now go through a few of these interesting and wonderful solutions which are being suggested to encounter the traffic jam challenges in 21st century.  Some of them are going through invention, some are undertrial, and even some of them are launched in different part of the world.

Some of these wonderful and interesting inventions mainly are:

Connected and Automated Vehicles:  Automated and connected vehicle technologies are an innovative concept supposed to be changing the future of the automotive industries as well as the current traffic systems.  It mainly consists of connected cars, autonomous cars,, and advanced driving assistance systems overlap and so on .  In this system connected vehicles uses different communication tools and communicate with driver, road, other cars on the way, and roadside infrastructures and would be able to provide easy travel to the passenger without the fear of any accidents.  The vehicles would communicate with each other and would ensure jamless traffic .  Although just a small fraction of this technology is available until now, but we can hope to get this technology in very near future.

Hyperloop Technology:  Hyperloop Technology, which is also known as HTT.  It is an American based research company which was organized using a crowd collaboration approach with an aim to develop a transportation system mainly based on theHyperloop concept, which was said to be invented by Elon Musk in 2013.  Hyperloop technology is supposed to eliminate the barriers of time and distance.  It will avail transportation facilities for goods and for people and will discover new ways in releasing loads from the traffic systems.

Flying Cars:  Many peoples are looking a solution of traffic jam in the flying vehicles or flying cars.  Flying cars are actually a type of personal flying vehicle that can provide door-to-door transportation through air as well as through ground.  The term “flying car” in general gives us an idea of aircraft or hovercars.  Many prototypes of flying cars have been presented so far, but only some of them proved to be capable of delivering practical services and are supposed to be launched for public in very near future.

In this way scientist communities and socialists are busy in findings ways to eradicate the traffic jam problems which is getting worse day by day.


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