Excellent face cleaning through this natural mixture

Excellent face cleaning through this natural mixture

Everyone desires to have a clean, clear and glowing skin. Skin care is something that is vital to everyone particularly women. These days every girl follow a certain daily skin care routine so that she has a clean and flawless skin.  Face cleaning is an essential step in the daily skin care routine. Face cleaning is done to remove dust and heavy makeup which if not done properly will soon destroy the glow of skin and leads to breakouts and pimples. In order to remove that unwanted blemishes, women rush to get costly cleansers, a product that makes their skin flawless, fair and glowing.

These heavy and costly chemical-based cleansers no doubt give you instant glow but slowly and gradually it damages cells of the skin. So it is better to follow some homemade remedies instead of using the chemical based cleansers and scrubbers. Don’t you think it is better to make your own natural cleanser and more scrub which is made up of cheap, easily available and effective natural ingredients?

Do you know that coconut oil and baking soda are one of the best natural ingredients that do wonders on your skin? This article will brief you about how one can do face cleaning through this simple ingredients.

Beneficial properties of  Coconut oil and baking soda for face cleaning

Excellent face cleaning through this natural mixture

Coconut oil has some inborn distinctive properties that are tremendously advantageous to nourishing and moisturizing the face. Because of their antimicrobial properties, it is best suited for cleaning the face.

The innate properties of coconut oil help in face cleaning process because it kills the bacteria that are a root cause of creating pimples.

Since Coconut oil, is natural, it will moisturize the skin without making it dry. Your skin feels refreshed and moisture as well without giving any dry effect. But one should keep this in mind that Coconut oil is comedogenic which means it can clog your pores as well.

It is important to note that in natural state coconut oil, is solid. Also, coconut oil has anti-inflammatory properties. Thus it is perfect in decreasing the symptoms of various skin problems such as psoriasis, eczema, other skin conditions.

Another important ingredient is baking soda. It is easily found in the kitchen and if you don’t have, then one can easily find this at the general stores. Similar to coconut oil baking soda is also possess some innate fruitful chemical properties. It is considered as a perfect facial exfoliant.  Thus it is beneficial for face cleaning process.

The studies prove that baking soda is appropriate for treating the biggest problem of blackheads. It helps a lot in getting rid off nasty blackheads. Along with this, it is a great option for calming those horrible sunburns.

How to prepare the Coconut oil and baking soda mixture  for face cleaning and exfoliating

Excellent face cleaning through this natural mixture

One has to follow simple steps in order to make this magical cleanser and exfoliator. For this take half a cup of coconut oil with half a cup of baking soda. This you can make with your own natural and homemade face cleansing agents.

First, you are required to melt the coconut oil to makes it soft, warm and smooth. Then mix it with the baking soda. Once the texture is kind of granny and sandy it becomes ready to apply on face. After applying on the face. One can do the exfoliating and scrubbing in order to remove all the dead skin of the face.

In this way, you can make your own natural and homemade face cleanser, exfoliator and scrubber without spending a hefty amount on chemical based cosmetics.


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