Everyone has to pay for their sin in Narak according to Garuda Puran

Everyone has to pay for their sin in Narak according to Garuda Puran

Everyone has to pay for their sin in Narak according to Garuda Puran Corruption, robbery, rape, animal poaching, cheating, killing innocent people, Lying etc. are some the common crimes taking place all across the world. But do you know that everyone has to pay for their sin in Narak according to the Garuda Puran? Yes, it is true because God is keeping the full record of our sins. And for every sin, there is some particular punishment assigned by God to each and every person who performs crimes in their lifetime.

Do you know that as per the nature and seriousness of the sins, Sinners are sent to the various Naraks (Hells) by Yamadharma and Garuda Puran according to their nature and seriousness of their Sins? There are total 28 Naraks mentioned in the Garuda Puran.

Before telling you about the punishments let me brief you about the very ancient Garuda Puran. In this Puran, some deadly punishment is mentioned which is literally breathtaking one. Garuda Purana is nothing but the holy manuscript of Hindu religion.

Garuda is a part of eighteen Puranas of Hindu texts which are called as Smriti. It is mainly pressuring on the reason and meaning of human life discovering the chat of Lord Vishnu and Garuda (King of Birds). Also, this Purana deals explicit issues of Hindu way of life linked with death, funeral rites, and reincarnation.

It briefs about the life after the death of humans. Garuda Purana highlighted the concept of heaven and hell which are considered by people to be same in these modern days of lifestyle.

Ruthless punishments which have been listed and mentioned in the Garuda Purana are so ferocious and painful that no reader of the Purana would wish to get punished with those penalties of their souls after death.

So if you are really interested in knowing that what kind of punishment you will deserve after death as per the Garuda Puranas. Then please have a look at the below-stated punishment for every sin-

1-Tamisram (Heavy Flogging)

We have seen that there are various people who have the habit of taking over the possession of others properties. The property includes wealth, money, land, houses, jewelry and committing unacceptable acts such as robbing, surcharging with interests etc. So people who will commit such kind of crimes then god has some severe punishment. After the death of a person, Yamraj’s takes them into the Naraka (hell) which is known as Tamisram.

Punishment- Souls which have been kept to the Tamisram Naraka (hell) would be beaten until the time when a victim gets bleed and collapsed and end of their time period in the hell.

2-Andhatamtrsam (Flogging)

Do you know that there is a brutal punishment given by the almighty if someone cheated his or her partner? Husbands, Soulmates, and wives who cheat hurt their partners in the relationship are punished with this Andhatamtrsam penalty. It seems that most of the people will be going to face this punishment after death.

As most the time in our daily life, we have seen cases of divorce, broken relationship, cheating girls and other unethical practices with their partners during these modern times. So people who literally treat their partners inhumanly as consider them only for the sexual pleasure, not love will certainly be punished after their death in the Andhatamtrsam narak.

Most of the penalties under the Andhatamtrsam are similar to that of Tamisram while it involves the excruciating smacks. In this punishment, victims are tied up with the ropes. Also, they are making them fall down unconsciously in the circulation in the deep hole.

3-Rauravam (Torments of Snakes)

We have also come across who are corrupt and loves to enjoy others property or resources with illegal possession or take it in a wrong manner.

They were thrown into the hell of Rauravam which is filled with the poisonous snakes. They are l brutally tortured with the serpents. Also, the people who they have cheated undertake the shape of “Ruru”. Ruru is a terrible serpent, bane them harshly until their time is up.

4-Mahararuravam (Death by Snakes)

The one who always indulge themselves in abolishing other property, Disapprove the legitimate heirs, legacy, and ownership of others property, brutally destroying other’s property and family for the sake of attainment are the one who suffers from such strict punishment.

The harsh punishment involves clutching and nonstop biting of sinners with snakes. It is done with extreme and fierce energy and coiling around them.

5-Kumbhipakam(cooked by oil)

We have a heard a lot of cases regarding animal poaching and Killing animals for pleasure, business and fun. The most recent one is of Salman Khan who has declared  5 years imprisonment for killing the black bug of Jodhpur just for pleasure and fun.

These people who do this crime or sin are forcefully thrown to huge boiling vessels where they shout scream in the same way as the innocent animal did when they mercilessly kill them just for fun.

6-Kalasutram  (Hot as hell)

This narak is for those people who not only disrespect elders. But also torture and put elders & parents to starvation and hunger. The one hurt deeply their parents their in-laws are subjected to this narak.

In this punishment, the criminals are made to run around in the intolerable heat. Due to this they even drop down exhausted from time to time. They even made to experience the same painful treatment which they have given to their elders.

7-Asitapatram(sharp flogging)

Those people who violets practices of Dharma which are given in the scriptures and Vedas.  Also, those people who recklessness, give up one’s own duty, and violate dharma practices are the one whose souls are thrown into this narak of Asitapatram.

In this punishment, these souls are Beaten with whips made of asipatra. The asipatra is made up of sharp-edged sword-shaped leaves. Along with this, the sinners are also wounded with knives until sinners become unconsciousness. Furthermore, they are even labored by evil spirits subsequent fear. This is not just one time happened in the dark, in fact, this process is repeated.

8-Sukaramukham(Crushed and tormented)

Such people who Ignoring duties and oppress their subjects by misrule. The one who punishes poor innocent people for no reason and also who acts as a partner in crime in performing unlawful activities are just straight away send to Sukaramukham Barak after their death.

In this punishment, sinners are crumpled to pulp by heavy thrashing, grinded under the sharp teeth of an animal. This is continuously repeated until their time is reached to end in this break.

9-Andhakupam( Attack of the animals)

This is also very common in today’s scenario. As we have seen many people who are actually dispiriting also never helping indigent. It is in spite of having the resources. They like coercing good people, tormenting lives and busy in inhuman activities all across their lifetime. For such people Andhakupam narak is made. Here souls of these people were sent to get the same torture which they with the good people in their lifetime.

In this punishment they were not just bitten by wild animals but also wild animals run over them.  Furthermore, they are also pushed into the well which is filled with the deadly beasts such as Lions, tigers, eagles and poisonous creatures that includes snakes and scorpions. In order to pay for their sins, the sinners had to bear the continuous attacks of these creatures. It is till the time period of punishment is expired.

10-Taptamurti or Agnikundam (Burnt Alive)

This Taptamurti narak is for the robbers, stealers and dacoits who steals, snatch other’s wealth and property by power. They steal gold and jewels of the people who made them with their hard earned money.They do this unethical and cruel work across their lifetime with the motive of gaining the undue advantage and also wanted to make the best out of everything. They put themselves into the furnaces of this Naraka from which they don’t even think of.

In this punishment, the sinners are roasted in inverted positions with hands and legs tied above the fire.

Thee are just 10 naraks, if you really interested to know about the other sins and naraks associated with it. Then please refer to part 2 of Everyone has to pay for their sin in Narak according to Garuda Puran- 1.


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