Every girl has certain qualities in them which make them unique. Boys look for various qualities in a girl on which they take a proper decision of marriage. They always look for a girl who has all the qualities of being a good wife. As per the Hindu scripture, there are 8 qualities of a good wife. From the ancient time, it is believed that if every good wife has these 8 qualities then only one can lead a happy married life.

 The wife is also called as Ardhangni which means one sour in two bodies. As per the Bhishma Pitamah if your wife is happy then your heritage will increase. Along with this, there are various other mythological texts that explain the real merits and qualities of the good wife.

If you really wanted to know that how lucky you are in terms of the wife. Then please have a look at these 8 qualities that every good wife has –

She is a good cook

Most of the men just love food. There is hardly any man in this world who don’t expect some really tasty food from his wife. They even want they them to cook like their mother cook for them. Also, you must have heard about the popular saying that a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Though it is not necessary but if your wife cooks really tasty food for you then you should realize that you are the luckiest man in this world. As per ancient old scriptures as well every good wife makes good food for her loving husband.

1- She is good in household work

A wife is a person in your life who has the power to convert the house made up of brick into a home. If your wife does all the household work in an efficient manner. Then this is one of the important quality that every good wife has. The household includes not just making food, cleaning, decorating the house, cleaning clothes etc. But it also includes keeping the responsibilities of the children properly, respecting the guests who came home. One more important quality of a good wife is to maintain her home in the amount what husband earns. If your wife is skillful and she can properly manage the home in the earnings you do. Then you must appreciate her for this good wife quality.

2- She talks politely and nicely

A wife should always talk to her husband in a polite and a kind language. The language should always be loving and sweet. If your wife is a sweetheart talks to you in a kind manner then you are really lucky to have such a good wife. Also when a wife talks to her husband sweetly he always listens to her, respects her and also love her. A good wife not only talks nicely and politely to her husband but also with other family members as well. This includes Saas-Sasur, Devar-Devarani, Jeth-Jethani, Nand etc Being always loving and nice in front of everybody is one of the traits of a good wife.

3- She is realistic and honest

A good wife always shows her true nature she is always realistic. If your wife is realistic, practical and doesn’t live in a fantasy world then you are lucky enough. Because these type of wives believe in a perfect man but these girls never show perfection in their real life. They are fake and dishonest. If your wife is honest practical then she will always stand by you in the time of up and downs. If your wife excepts all your imperfections and never blame for this then you are seriously a lucky one.

4- She loves you like anything

If your wife truly loves you, respects you accepts you with all your faults. Then you are lucky to have that girl as a soul mate. A good wife always loves her husband in every situation. If her love grows by time then it is a quality of a good wife.

5- She makes you a better man

Every boy has some weakness. If your wife helps you in overcoming your weaknesses and try to improve your strength. Then he is a good wife. A good wife has the power to totally transform a man . she is one in your life who can convert you into a better man. So if you always try to remove all your faults and slowly making you a good man then she must be a good wife.

6- She supports you and advice you

It is a popular saying that women are behind every successful man. It is true. If your wife has the habit of helping you, she advises you on your work then you are lucky enough. She is the girl who can change your luck for good after getting married. If your wife not only loves you but motivates you, supports you, advice you in attaining your goal. Then you have a good wife.

7- She loves your family too

Every man expects love from his wife not only for himself but also for his family members as well. He wants that his wife loves his parents spend time with them and also care them a lot. If your wife just respects your parents the way she did to her parents then she possesses a wonderful trait of a good wife. If she really loves your siblings, parents too then she is not just a good wife but also a perfect soul mate for you.

8- She is beautiful  from inside as well

if your wife is really beautiful not from its outer appearance but also from the heart as well. Then this makes you a truly lucky man. Though every man is totally attracted towards outer beauty and killing looks but they also look for some inner qualities. these include honesty, understanding, politeness responsible behavior, loyalty etc. if your wife has all these qualities then she is definitely a good wife. Because beauty starts vanishing after growing but true qualities always grow and reside always in a being.


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