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Eiffel Tower might get painted again

One of the Seven Wonders of the World, Eiffel tower is getting painted again. Since its construction in the year 1889, it has been painted 19 times in last 129 years.

The glow of Eiffel tower is diminished so they will paint it again, thereby giving it a fresh new look. Eiffel tower is one of the world’s most romantic place.


Colour to be repainted

The French government has planned to paint the tower in red now. They say that it has been attacked by rust from many places which are harming the beauty of the tower. Its colour is light brown now so to avoid rusting they decided to paint it red.

Cost of repainting it

It will require 16 tonnes of colour coating to coat this famous Paris monument. Therefore near about 60,000 kg of paint will be required. A budget of Rs. 2.4 crores have been fixed by the French government.

Estimated time  to repaint

It might take around 3 years to paint it again. Some parts of towers will also be repaired during this time. The structure requires round maintenance so as to have a panoramic view of Paris. 

Its history

This 324 meters high, Eiffel tower was built in the year 1889 by the architecture Gustav Eiffel. It has been painted 19 times with various shades including yellow as well as pink colour. After every 7 to 8 years it is repainted.

According to Gustav, the colour red of the Eiffel tower would help the structure to fight against irresistible rust.

However, in 1954 this monument was painted brownish red in order to provide a pleasing combination with the Parisian landscape. The ombre coat is applied to the structure which makes it appear as if it is merging with the sky.

Risk involved in painting it

A team of 25 people is required to paint this tower. However it has now become dangerous for their life to paint it. The thickness of lead on the old irons wall of the tower is very much. Due to which it can be dangerous for their life thereby causing infectious diseases.

The French government says that they will not simply paint it on the old colour. First, they will remove the old colour and then it will be painted.

There has been no update given by French government that they will allow tourist to visit it during this time span.

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