Egypt and Israel set their firms for $15 bn Natural Gas dealIsraeli company Delek drilling has announced it will supply Egypt with $15bn worth of natural gas in the biggest export deal.Up to date for Israel’s natural gas industry. In terms of Israel natural gas deal, it is exemplary. A statement released on Monday saying “Egyptian company Dolphins will buy 64 billion cubic meters of natural gas from Delek Drilling. And it’s US partner Noble during a 10 year period.”  Egypt Israel natural gas deal How much it will be beneficial?.

Israeli Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu welcomes the “historic agreement”. He said in a statement”This will bring billions into the country’s coffers. “Netanyahu also said in a statement”The deal would strengthen Israeli’s security, economy and also strengthen our regional relationships. “Well, according to Israeli’s prime minister it is the important deal. Will $15 billion natural gas deal really increase the economy of Israeli? upcoming time will tell.

Yossi about CEO of Delek drilling said in the released statement”The agreement would establish Egypt’s stature as a regional energy center. As Egypt firm to buy natural gas.

The companies have yet to determine what will be the natural gas from Israel’s Mediterranean Tamar and  Leviathan fields will flow to Egypt.He said various possibilities exist including the including the use of EMG pipeline.  With the help of Israel natural gas deal, will the exchange of culture takes place?.

Running from north Al-Arish in north Sinai, Egypt to Ashkelon, Israel the EMG pipeline formerly transported Natural gas from Egypt from its own reserves to Israel .under a 20-year contract signed in 2005.  So, Egypt Israel natural gas deal will create a great landmark.

The deal collapsed in 2012, As the pipeline was repeatedly attacked. The Hosni Mubarak agreement era was unpopular with critics who argued the Jewish state as they did not pay enough for the gases. Israel discovers it Tamar and Leviathan gas field in 2009 and 2010. Since made efforts to become exporter itself. In September 2016, Israel and Jordanian firms signed a $10bn gas deal over 15 years. $15 billion natural gas deal will it be one more step towards becoming a nation with its value?.

Egypt was the first Arab country to sign the peace treaty with Israel in 1979. Israel natural gas deal will lead to the foundation of a new dream comes true.will it be helpful so much that the country gets developed a lot?.  These if and but not only creates confusion but also made everyone thinking if others country can develop then why not Israel.

Israel natural gas deal will be the magnificent achievement instead in terms of business is concerned. Wil Egypt Israel natural gas deal will be welcomed for their neighboring nations or not?. Will they concerned weather Egypt when become developed, are the threat or not ?. Think positively instead thinking negative.

This will be remarkable in terms in terms of the development is concerned. $15 billion natural gas deal is not a deal which can happen in the dream.Because It’s a passage Through which country can gain its lost respect. Egypt is oldest of the countries. Egypt firm to buy natural gas is something new. The time will be all of Egypt and in near coming future, it will be seen sooner or later. Yes, we know the path is not short.

The journey is still to go. At least someone is holding the hands of Egypt to face to the world. Tell the world Time has come to shift the gears. Shift it from the lowest gear to highest one. Israel natural gas deal will create history, wait for the time moment. Just wait for it.

The faces will be new. The ideas will be newest. But the commitment is allover.$15 a natural gas deal, Is it merely looking a deal only? don’t think so.  It a friendship deal as well. Which has lots of hopes? Lots of determination. The deal is for the welfare of the nation. And the development of the nation.

Egypt Israel natural gas deal will lay the foundation and create the history of friendship forever theory. Yet the time will tell and answer all the questions. The deal is finalized so keep smiling keep the friendship alive. Which upcoming generation carryforwards and thereafter also.


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