Your e-wallet balance won’t be lost after Feb 28The Reserve Bank Of India said that e-wallet customer can continue to use money which is in their account or purchase ever after 28th of Feb. Anyone can also send money back to their account too. However, remitting funds to others and reloading the e-wallet would require a compilation of your customer (KYC) norms, for which deadline is this month end.How much it will be helpful to citizen?.

Issuers of prepaid instruments(PPPs) the regulatory term for e-wallets that hold money — are racing against time to get customers to complete with KYC guidelines. These include players like Paytm, MobiKwik, Ola Money and Amazon Pay.Whereas RBI Governor BP kunungo said on Monday that There will be no any extension of February 28 deadline.This is the in fact last date ?, of course, yes, In fact, RBI Told finally.

Sufficient time has already been to meet up with the deadlines.He further said if PPI issuers do not obtain KYC-related inputs within the timeline from their customers, then customers will not lose their money. There are currently 55 non-bank  PPI issuers That have been licensed by RBI. In addition to this also there is 50 e-wallet promoted by banks too. Is it the relief for those who thought there will not get back after a deadline.

Originally RBI has given the date of 31, December 2017 to become KYC complaint. Later, Its extended to 28th Feb. A senior Bank staff told that bank promoted e-wallets can become  KYC complaint if the customer links his card account to e-wallet account. The largest e-wallet issuer Paytm which is now also becoming the part of the bank. It is the largest issuer of pre-paid wallet. The company has said that it has set aside a budget of $500 million (Rs 3,250 crore) to complete KYC of its 100 million e-wallets.The market has wide of Paytm in recent times.

Even every small shop is ready to take Paytm nowadays. Do not worry people the announcement has come your money will be safe in the wallet too. Get ready to have the bunch of shopping in coming Holi. Made it even as colorful as ever.Get ready for the offer to come and at least purchase it on its own terms or via wallet amount.Always say to a wallet. Everone prefers to use wallet amount as it takes less time.


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