Many people are not aware of the impacts of our surroundings on us. These impacts can increase negative forces which can make your thoughts and actions negative. Various activities in your house can disturb your relationships thereby causing unnecessary conflicts with your partners.

According to Vastu Shastra, every emotion that appears within you is the effect of the energy which is emitted through the 16 zones or directions of your home. The five elements are known as Panchabhutas Earth, Fire, Water, Air, and Sky governed these zones. When these elements are not in their proper position they create negative forces around us.

Here are five zones responsible for creating balance in our life:

1. South-West (SW) Zone:

This zone is responsible for relationships, marriage, harmony in the family, bonding and stability in life. Disturbances in this zone like a presence of a toilet can highly affect family relations leading to continuous dispute and stress in the house.

This zone is also responsible for ancestors known as pitra. According to Vastu Shastra, if there is a bathroom in this direction, it may cause pitra dosh in your child’s kundali. Usage of Red and blue colours in this zone should be avoided.

2. Mid of South to South-West (SSW) Zone:

This zone is for waste disposal. One should create toilets or bathrooms in this zone. It symbolizes “disposing of waste” and is responsible for strengthening your ability to “let go” various situations. It is very necessary for one to let go of things in order to build a strong relationship.

3. North-East (NE) Zone:

North-east is the place of God which is highly charged with divine energies. This zone is best for meditation as it gives you clarity and peace. To avoid aggressive behaviour do not construct a kitchen near to it which in turn might affect your bond with the partner.

4. Mid of East to North-East (ENE) Zone:

This zone is responsible for happiness. It should not have a toilet near to it. As it can make you feel stressed and experience bitterness in your relationship.

5. Mid of North to North-West (NNW) Zone:

It is the zone of rati which is responsible for enjoyment and fulfillment. It strengthens the bond between married couples. One should have their bedroom in this direction. It is responsible for a happy married life.
It should not have toilets or any fire elements here. The fire might burn out the attraction between the husband-wife relationships.

Here are a few Vastu tips which can make your relationships healthy:

  • Remove unnecessary items from your house as it increases negativity and stress in the house. These non-usable things should be thrown out to maintain the flow of positive energy.
  • The bedroom should always be in Southwest direction to increase positivity in order to enhance the relationships.
  • We should place our head towards South while sleeping, this helps in building a stronger relationship bond.
  • A bedroom should always be painted with bright colour. Avoid using dark colour in the bedroom.
  • Use a perfectly square designed bed for sleeping. Avoid using multiple mattresses. Instead of that use a single mattress for sleeping.
  • The bed should never be placed in between two doors.
  • Avoid mirrors in your bedroom. It is not good to place your bed in front of the mirror.
  • Do not make a place of worship in your bedroom.
  • The bed should never be placed in the center of the room. It should be in such a way that your foot does not face the door in any way.
  • Make sure that the bed should not touch the walls of the room. Try to avoid the corners to touch the bed, while placing your bed.
  • When one end of the bed i.e. Where you rest your head is supported by a strong wall. Then the bond between you and your partner get strengthen.
  • The bed made of metals such as steel or iron leads to ego problem between the partners and creates conflicts among partners. Try to use wooden bed which is a good stress releaser.
  • The central area of your house should be open which leads to good communication in relationships.
  • There should not be any useless material, toilets, and a kitchen in the central area of a home. This can lead to disagreements in the opinions of the partners.
  • If your bedroom has attached toilets with it, make sure the door of a toilet is always closed.
  • The kitchen is very much responsible for determining the relationship in a family. The gas and sink in the kitchen should be at a maximum distance apart from each other.
  • Kitchens, heating and electrical systems work very well in the southeast direction.
  • The northeast direction is very good for entrance. The area should have proper Vastu as it can improve the financial condition of the house and will have a positive effect on your relationships.
  • The northeast direction is associated with the water element and it influences the growth in our relationships.
  • All the pillows and cushions should always be placed in pairs.
  • Place a rose quartz in your room. It maintains peace and harmony in the relationship.
  • Always place fresh flowers instead of dried flowers in the room to increase positivity in the surroundings.

Stress occurs within your environment which can impact your life. This can be easily cured by following these Vastu tips at your home or office. These Creations will help you to maintain balance and harmony in your home and life.


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