Deepika Padukone Gets Flowers and a Note from Neetu and Rishi Kapoor – Actress Deepika Padukone’s Padmaavat celebrity fan club has two new members – Rishi and Neetu Kapoor. The actor couple attended a special screening of Deepika’s new film earlier this week and they were so impressed with her painting of Rani Padmavati in a film that they sent a bouquet and an appreciation note the following day. “Excellent work.  So very proud of you… Love Neetu and Rishi Kapoor,” the handwritten note read. Deepika shared a picture of the bouquet and card on Instagram and captioned it.

She replied from her side saying “It was so lovely seeing both of you yesterday. Thank You, for all the love and appreciation.”

After public response she told reporters  that “I am extremely overwhelmed and emotional right now. I think this film has been through so much. To see that the film is finally released and to see the kind of reactions that the film is getting, reactions to my performance, it is extremely satisfying,”

Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s  Padmaavat got an official theatrical release on January 25 and despite threats from some non- activist, the film has managed to garner attention and viewers in large numbers. Bhansali’s work towards literature left everyone in awe of his film and the cast’s performance, including Deepika Padukone, Ranveer Singh and Shahid Kapoor.

The film didn’t have a massive opening, but did decently well, considering some circuits were parted or completely shut. It earned around Rs 18 crore net on its opening day, according to Box-Office India. Padmavati’s previews began this week, and have been met with a massive response. Multiplexes have reported an 80-85% holding. Trade analyst Taran Adarsh tweeted that the film has collected around Rs 5 crore itself in preview screenings, on Wednesday.

Padmaavat is directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali and it also stars Shahid Kapoor as Maharawal Ratan Singh. Padmaavat is based on 16th-century poet Malik Muhammad Jayasi’s Padmavat, which narrates the story of Rani Padmini’s jauhar after the capture of Chittor by Alauddin Khilji and his army.

The protests against the film grew so strong, that the groups tried to get a nationwide ban on the film. Padmaavat was banned in four states, Rajasthan, Haryana, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh. However, the Supreme Court lifted the ban.


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