The dead bodies of 38 out of 39 Indians killed in Iraq arrived yesterday at the Amritsar International Airport. They landed India from Baghdad at around 2.30 pm. The dead bodies of these Indians were brought back to India by Union Minister VK Singh in a special aircraft.

Earlier the Union Minister VK Singh announced the compensation for the victim’s families. Later Congress demanded an apology from Union Minister over this announcement.


Dead bodies rejected by the families

Out of these 38 dead bodies, 5 bodies have been reached to Bihar’s Siwan today in the early morning. The two victims named Adalat Singh and Sunil Kumar dead bodies are rejected by their families. They refused to accept the dead bodies as they want financial help from the state government.

Adalat Singh and Sunil Kumar were among the 39 Indians who were killed in Iraq’s Mosul by the terrorist group. A family member of Adalat Singh named Shyam Kumar Kushwaha rejected Adalat Singh dead body. According to him, Adalat has a wife, a small child and his parents at home.

They need to be compensated with a suitable amount from Bihar Government before taking his dead body home. While some families of these victims wanted the state government to provide them government jobs in order to manage their survival.

The dead bodies at the airport were received by Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. His deputy Sushil Kumar Modi and other members of the state government were also present there. The dead bodies of only 38 out of 39 victims landed in India as one case is still in pending.

Actions taken by Government for the safety of Indians in Abroad

The Ministry of External Affairs along with the Parliament panel demanded the top officials to develop some new rules. The rules should preserve the safety and security of the Indians working outside India. Those 39 workers traveled illegally to Iraq so the government did not have any record of them and was unable to help them.

Both the State and Central Governments should work together to ensure the safety of the Indians working in foreign countries with appropriate legislative framework and skill development initiatives.

Punjab Minister Navjot Singh Sidhu announced the compensation amount of Rs. 5, 00,000 for the 27 Indians who were from Punjab. Navjot Singh also said that the coffins of the dead bodies will be provided to their families with full evidence in order to eliminate any doubts.

Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh has ensured that the dead bodies will be safely handed to their families without any further delay. Amritsar’s Deputy Commissioner Kamaldeep Singh confirmed that all the preparations have been done to transport the dead bodies of these victims to villages in Punjab and Himachal.

Details of 38 Dead bodies

Out of the 39 victims, 27 were from Punjab, four from Himachal Pradesh, two from West Bengal and six from Bihar. They all were the workers of the Iraqi construction company in Mosul. They were killed by ISIS when it took control of the second-largest city in Iraq.

All these 38 Indians were trying to leave Mosul and was attacked by the ISIS. Their dead bodies were lying in a mass grave in Badush, a village in the northwest of Mosul in Iraq. All the dead bodies have been identified through DNA samples.

Dead bodies of Indians from Punjab were Dharminder Kumar, Harish Kumar, Balwant Rai, Sandeep Kumar, Harsimranjeet Singh, Manjinder Singh, Kanwaljit Singh, Ranjit Singh, Sonu, Roop Lal, Gurcharan Singh, Kulwinder Singh, Nishan Singh, Jatinder Singh, Sukhwinder Singh, Gurdeep Singh, Kamaljit Singh, Pritpal Sharma, Gobinder Singh, Parvinder Kumar, Jasvir Singh, Malkit Singh, Surjeet Mainka, Balvir Chand, Rakesh Kumar, Nand Lal, and Devinder Singh. Those from Himachal are Sandeep Singh Rana, Aman Kumar, Inderjeet, and Hem Raj. Samar Tikadar and Khokhan Sikder were from West Bengal. Bidya Bhushan Tiwari, Santosh Kumar Singh, Sunil Kumar Kushwaha, Adalat Singh, Dharmendra Kumar and Raju Kumar Yadav was from Bihar.


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