The Days Of ISIS In Iraq & Syria – Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was the leader of a militant terrorist group,  an organization known as an Islamic state of Iraq and Levant.Baghdadi launches since 2006 After a long battle, America had freed Iraq from the grip of Saddam Hussein. But during this freedom, Iraq was completely wasted.

As the US military leaves Iraq, many small groups begin to fight for their strength. The leader of one of those groups was Abu Bakar al-Baghdadi. Chief of Al-Qaida Iraq Since 2006, he had started preparing his land in Iraq. But then he had neither money nor help.

Indeed, when the US military returned from Iraq in 2011, it had destroyed the Iraqi government. Saddam had been killed. The infrastructure was completely devastated and the biggest thing was that they left empty power in Iraq. Baghdadi was not able to succeed much after the lack of resources. However, for the occupation of Iraq, it had changed the name of al-Qaida Iraq to the new name ISI, the Islamic State of Iraq.

Bagdadi then start taking police as well as commander of Saddam in his side, then slowly and steadily then start making its union with thousands of them, as there are many of them are from Saddam Hussain commanders. Then they start pointing to the military and police, then also Bagdadi is not receiving as successful as he wanted to be. After disappointment Baghdadi went to Syria, where Al-Qaeda and free Syrian army taking encounter of Syria President Bashar-al-Assad.

After not getting success in Syria through the Syrian Army Baghdadi,  that’s why he has to return to Turkey. Saudi Arabia, America, Israel, Qatar has given them money, weapons.In the mask of freedom fighters militants took training till USA.

ISIL(Islamic state of Iraq and Syria) started as Jama’at al-Tawhid Wal-Jihad in 1999, which pledged allegiance to al-Qaeda and participated in the Iraqi insurgency following the 2003 invasion of Iraq by Western forces. In Syria, the group conducted a ground attack on both government and an opposition and by December 2015, it held a large area in western Iraq and eastern Syria contains estimated about 2.8 to 8 million people. ISIL is believed to be operational in 18 countries across the world including Egypt, Bangladesh, Somalia, Mali, Indonesia, Philippines.

In July 2017, the group lost control over its largest city, Mosul to the Iraqi army. On December 10, 2017 the Iraqi prime minister Haider al-Abadi said that “Iraqi forces had driven the last remnants of the Islamic State from the country”, according to the sources “Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant Wikipedia.”


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