CPM leader kicked pregnant woman, had to undergo abortionIn Kerala’s Kozhikode, in a dispute going the women (named Josna) intervene the protest from his husband side, the leader of the Communist Party of India (CPM) kicked the pregnant woman, due to which the woman had to go through an abortion. The woman was a 4-month pregnant.

After receiving the complaint from the woman, the police has registered the case and arrested seven people. According to the report, few days before, there was a dispute over the land with neighbors. The dispute was among women’s husband and their neighbor. After this, on January 28, 7 people attacked Josna’s house and also with her husband. Joshna’s protest with her husband was opposed by CPM leader and CPM leader Thampi kicked in women’s stomach. The Women who started bleeding rushed to the nearby Hospital. Where on doctor’s suggestion she was forced to undergo an abortion.

Joshna’s  husband said that since the complaint of the case, they both are getting constant threat from neighbors

Joshna’s husband said that since the complaint of the case, they both are getting constant threat from neighbors and party workers of CPM and the pressure are hanging around on them. And the CPM leader also threatened to cut his legs.Nowadays, when these types of an incident will be shut?. Is women did something wrong. Why she got punished by a local leader. She just trying to defend his husband nothing wrong in that. When these leaders will learn they are selected by local public only. When they will stop these types of inhumanity.

They are just misusing their power. Is this a justice ?. These types of incident are not taking place in a particular region or in a particular state or region. These incidents became common nowadays. Along with Government Police must have to place an important role in removing these types of incidents. It will not only increase the misusage of power as it will also increase the fear among the public. The sorrow through she is suffering from.

Even women’s husband told to fight the case till the end. Even it’s  a responsibility of the police to help him. This is the only way they can get justice. When leader will be sent to jail then only the family will get justice. Otherwise not, say no to injustice. With optimistic, thought will vanish in upcoming future. Then only society will be safe, the public will be safe.


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