A plan for mining data from Commonwealth Games visitors is ceased. The visitors are one, who use free and fast Wi-Fi in Australia. It is abandoned on Thursday due to the privacy scandal spins about social media giant Facebook.

The local Gold Coast council is contributing a service for up to 10 times normal speed. It is made possible after placing new fiber cables. These are made to concur with the multi-sport event. The event which is about to begin in next month. It is competition between nations which are the members of the Commonwealth.

But that all depended on one thing.

In order, to make use of it. People have to log on to a Facebook account. This will only allow the council to catch data. It is said that it would be also be utilized in order to form tourism marketing campaigns in future.

But as there is big facebook data breach scandal make authorities to re-think.

Wi-Fi feature would be altered to allow users

As per the Gold Coast councilor Hermann Vorster, Wi-Fi feature would be soon revised. This is to let users to access it. It is also without the need to log in by the social media platform.

He also said in the statement that “Today the Facebook CEO has confirmed that he is investigating privacy issues to do with Facebook and how it manages people’s privacy.”

So if Facebook cannot guarantee the security of its users. It is best council takes a cautionary approach and removes this feature from our free Wi-Fi. That is what we are doing right now.”

Data breaching scandal is made possible through prediction personality app

The Facebook scandal exploded in the world. When it is revealed that British data consultant Cambridge Analytic had shaped psychological profiles. These profiles are made of 50 million users. It is actually done with the personality prediction app.

This app was downloaded by over 270,000 people. But it is also moved up to their friends’ data without assent. It was probably under Facebook’s rules at the time.

Facebook chief make an apology on Wednesday for a “major break of trust” and self-confessed the group must do better.

The Gold Coast back down also faced anger from the Queensland Council for Civil Liberties. They said privacy laws banned any data collection only if it was necessary for council motives.

Its Michael Cope who is a president of the council also stated in this matter. He said

“The data that might be collected by a council, depending on a person’s Facebook privacy settings, would include how many friends they have, who their friends are, what they’ve liked on Facebook and their photos,”

Earlier in one of the statement, the council said that the objective is to “gather publicly available information about age, gender, and nationality for the purpose of monitoring the use patterns“. As per him, it was never strategic to store any personal data.

The Games will go to start from April 4 to 15. There will be a gathering of over thousands of athletes, support staff, and fans.


  • Wi-Fi feature will be revised for permitting users to ingress it without the login via social media.
  • Zuckerberg makes an apology for a “major breach of trust” and confessed the group must do better.
  • The Games start from April 4 to 15.


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