This time Chabahar is turning out to be a success story in the Indo-Iran relationship. Iranian President Hassan Rohani visited India on Thursday.  Both the country could talk over final take over on the operation of Chabahar port. Chabahar becomes a success story of both countries relationship. High activities observed with the operationalization of the Chabahar port.  Reports say that traffic has started to divert from Karachi to Chabahar since its operationalization.

President Hassan Rohani landed at Hyderabad on Thursday.  He will accept state reception and will see prime minister Narendra Modi on Saturday.  India for the first time will allow investment in rupees in Iran.  This special arrangement up to now allowed only for the Bhutan and Nepal.  Iran is bearing an international financial sanction. In an effort to allay banking problems caused by Western sanctions on Iran, India is going to invest in rupees in Iran for the first time. It is a special arrangement according to the sources. It was only permissible up to now for Nepal and Bhutan

International financial sanctions were imposed on Tehran, which is making transactions or investments in the international currency tougher. “A Ruprecht investment arrangement has been allowed by India,” the sources said.


The governor of Telangana E S L  Narasimhan received him at Begumpet Airport. Telangana officials briefed him about the necropolis.  There are 72 mausoleums which are in Persian architectural style.  He also visited restoration project which is carrying on by Aga Khan trust.  Rouhani will visit Makkah Masjid and will offer prayer there and will also address gathering there.  In Hyderabad, he will meet Shia Community and after that, he is also going to meet Parsis community in New Delhi. Parsis faced persecution in Iran hundreds of year ago.  Rohani will also meet Shia community in Hyderabad.

He told about Iran interest in the strengthening of relationship with India in all sectors.  He praised India regarding peaceful coexisting of people of all religions.  The Iranian leader Hassan Rouhani said that Iran wants brotherly relations with all the Muslim countries and all the countries in the region.including India. Rouhani said Tehran is interested in making more affectionate and close relationship with India in all the fields of mutual interest. Rouhani said that the western countries have created a crack among Muslims by instigating certain communities.


According to the sources Energy trade, connectivity, culture, and business are key pillars.  PM Modi and Rouhani met only two times first time in UFA and next in Tehran.  However, energy relations are more prominent relation between both the countries.

Anyhow, Chabahar becomes a pillar of Indo-Iran relationship and both the countries will soon start cashing benefits from their mutual relationship in all sectors.


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