On Wednesday  CBSE declares reconduct of  Class 12th Eco and Class 10th Maths paper. They have canceled the CBSE Class 10th Mathematics and Class 12th Economics paper conducted for the board examinations 2018. This is announced after confirming the leak.

The CBSE board will share the re-examination schedule in this week only.

Also, the official notification of this is available now on the official website This confirms that the Class 10th Mathematics paper which is conducted today and the Class 12th Economics paper will be re-conducted.

Papers were leaked on WhatsApp

It is something really shocking that the papers were leaked on the WhatsApp.

As the two papers were apparently leaked on WhatsApp. The re-test dates would be declared soon. However, the parents and experts have reacted to the exam conduction news both in negative as well as positive manner. They considered it as an evil. Also, they are concerned regarding the wellbeing of the truthful students who have honestly appeared in the exam.

Both the papers were leaked ahead of the examinations. It was informed to CBSE. CBSE then decided to reconduct both the examinations after confirming the reports of the leak. The rumors of the paper leak on WhatsApp were spread quickly among teachers and students. And also they had long been telling but still, no action was taken by the authorities.

CBSE denied paper leak

This is not the first time the, in fact, same news was available during the class 12  Accountancy paper. But at the time CBSE had refused any paper leak. However, this time the board has given their confirmation of the paper leak news. It is for CBSE Class 12th Economics examination as well as the Class 10th Mathematics examination. Though the dates of the re-exams are not yet available. But the Updates will soon be available on CBSE website.

 In a sad manner, the CBSE confirms this activity. The CBSE also stated that in order to maintain the holiness of the examinations the board will go for the re-conduct of a leaked exam.

 The reaction to the news is highly diversified.  Though many are filled with joy due to this news. There are also some students who are really tensed and worried.  Parents also burst out and also criticizing the government. This is just not acceptable as per them.

In fact, there are some teachers and parents who came ahead said that though it is a good move but there must be better actions.

Also, teachers are now raising a voice against the leaks of Class 12th Mathematics and Biology papers as well.


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