CBI Held Vipul Ambani
CBI Held Vipul Ambani

Nirav Modi investigating case moving forward. Similarly, many more big names are coming. The CBI has also executed some officials of PNB in this matter with officials of Neerav Modi’s company. One of them is Vipul Modi. Vipul Modi is the cousin of Mukesh Ambani, the richest person in the country. After this interrogation, another letter from the Ambani family and Nirav Modi has come out.

CBI investigated full case

CBI Held Vipul Ambani
CBI Held Vipul Ambani

The CBI had investigated a scam of Rs 11,384 crore in Punjab National Bank, the chief accused, Nirav Modi’s fifth Star Diamond Company Chairman (Finance). Vipul Ambani was arrested. Officials informed about this information that this is the first major argument in this case.  Vipul Ambani is the nephew of Dhirubhai Ambani.  he is the son of Dhirubhai Ambani’s younger brother, Natubhai Ambani.

The connections of Vipul Ambani and Dhirubhai Ambani family are seen on social platform tweeter. While Vipul Ambani follows the profile of Mukesh Ambani’s eldest son, Akash Ambani, Anil Ambani’s elder son, Anmol Ambani, follows the profile of Vipul Ambani. Ishita Salgaonkar’s nephew of Mukesh and Anil Ambani is married to Nishal Modi, younger brother of Neerav Modi.

Vipul Ambani is a finance officer in Modi’s company

CBI Held Vipul Ambani
CBI Held Vipul Ambani

He is the Chief Finance Officer (CFO) of Firearms International, a company of Nirav Modi. For the last three years, they associated with Neerav’s company. The CBI had questioned 11 people involved in the case. The name of Vipul Modi came out with the big officers of Punjab National Bank. Vipul Ambani is reported to the big officer of the company of Nirav Modi.

This inquiry has done in Mumbai. Although it is not known what question ask the CBI from Vipul Ambani. In the PNB scam case, the CBI has so far received major arrests. CBI has arrested Vipul Ambani, Chairman (Finance) of Five Star Diamond Company, Chief Investigator of Nirav Modi, in connection with the investigation of a scam worth Rs 11,384 crore in Punjab National Bank. Giving this information, the officials said that this is the first major arrest in this case.

The CBI had called Vipul Ambani with the necessary documents. Inquired about 5 hours. The sources said that sources of information can call for further inquiries. The CBI also questioned some suspended officials of the bank in this case. Meanwhile, the CVI will meet PNB chief in connection with this scam
According to sources, Nirav’s CFO, Vipul Ambani, questioned the CBI. Vipul is the cousin of Mukesh Ambani, chief of RIL Industries. CBI is also investigating the balance sheets of 18 subsidiary companies of Gitanjali Group. Apart from this, the CBI has questioned more than 8 hours from 10 Suspend staff of PNB.

The CBI is likely to get more money in the PNB scam worth 11,394 crores. On Sunday, the investigating agency asked all the banks to report the allegation made in Loo here.

Nirav Modi Issues Letter to PNB

Nirav Modi issues another Letter
Nirav Modi issues another Letter

The mastermind of PNB scam Nirav Modi has written a letter to the management of PNB on this issue. Neerav Modi has said in the letter that Punjab National Bank has made the matter public and closed all the ways to recover the outstanding amount.

Neerav has also claimed that PNB is telling the amount outstanding, that amount is much less than that. Modi has told about his intentions in the letter written to Bank Management on February 15/16. Neerav Modi has said in the letter that he has less than Rs 5,000 crore dues.

In a letter to the bank management, Neerava Modi says that after the information of the matter is public, a series of raiding and seizure of property has begun. Due to which my ability to repay the outstanding amount of banks has ceased.

Neerav Modi said that despite my offer made on February 13, the bank made the public on February 15. This action of the bank has ruined my brand and my business, which has reduced the capacity of the bank to recover the arrears now.

In a letter written to the bank, Neerav Modi has also cited the talks with the bank officials about himself and his representatives. Apart from this, their e-mail has also mentioned on 13 and 15 February. Neerav Modi had left the country in the first week of January with his family even before the scandal became public.


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