Casting couch in Tollywood industryIt seems that casting couch is highly prevalent in the Tollywood industry. This is one of the biggest problems that Tollywood industry is facing now. This increasing casting couch in Tollywood industry has actually forced the TV presenter-turned-actress, Sri Reddy, to strip off in order to protest against casting couch. This actress has made unbelievable allegations against the casting couch danger most common in the Telugu film industry. This is better known as Tollywood industry.

She stripped off right in front of the Movie Artistes’ Association (MAA) headquarters in film Nagar at Hyderabad and urges for justice. She went on dharna and swore that she will not push herself until she didn’t get the proper solution to it.

A stripped protest was the only option

She said that she was shouting for the solution but when no one listened to her she did something which no one had thought of.She actually sat down bare-chested for protest in front of the office.  Nude Protesting in this only option left for her inorder to attract the attention of everyone regarding the trend of casting couch in Tollywood industry.

She came to the MAA office in afternoon in the classy Jubilee Hills and quickly started removing her clothes one after the other. Then she crouched in half-naked position in front of the office.

She claimed “The reason is simple. Heroines from other states would go to any extent to satisfy the big people in Tollywood, whereas the local artistes are not so bold,”

She suspected that the directors and producers of Tollywood industry were introducing heroines from Mumbai and Chennai. Also rejecting roles to the native heroines in spite of being talented.

 MAA president is not aware

This big drama that created a huge buzz in the whole Tollywood industry, the MAA President Sivaji Raja insincere about what is being gone. He remained ignorant and said I am not aware of this drama. He said “I am not aware of the issue,” he said when asked why MAA was silent about this. But Sri Reddy had just stripped naked in front of the MAA office, we pointed out. “I’m shooting right now and I’m not aware of what is going on (at the office). I wouldn’t like to comment on this.”

MAA called it as a publicity stunt

As Sivaji made a complete U-Turn from the controversy of Nude protest. So the Movie Artistes’ Association also called Sri Reddy’s protest as a publicity stunt.

MAA asserts that Sri Reddy’s “nude protest” will have no effect on them. The association uttered in front of media that “We will not give her a membership card just because she has stripped in front of this office.

Sri Reddy raised a complaint of being refused for membership of MAA spite of being a part of 3 films of MAA association. In this regard, MAA said that We can’t give cards away to whoever takes off their clothes. We have our rules and we shall follow them,”

First time the voice is raised against sexual violence in Tollywood industry

We all know that this sensational act done by Sri Reddy has majorly considered as the publicity stunt. it has totally shocked everyone who belongs to Tollywood industry. But we cannot ignore the fact that casting couch is still a important part of Tollywood industry. This is the first time that someone has raised her voices against this dirty casting couch trend of Tollywood industr4y. This is the voice of the sexual raiders who are still present in the Tollywood industry.

As the lady has demanded an answer of some uncomfortable but true questions, then why the big people of Tollywood industry is not answering them. Why they are treated as cheap act and only as a publicity stunt.

Why didn’t the Tollywood industry big stars speaks up?

We have seen many times that the Tollywood industry superstars are openly supporting the campaigns and initiatives taken against sexual harassment also says that there is no casting couch in the Tollywood industry. For example, Mahesh Babu supported Farhan Akhtar’s MARD (Men Against Rape and Discrimination) initiative. This initiative is made for spreading the awareness of gender inequality and rape from social media. But when in reality such things happen they just disappeared. They do this even when sexual abuse and harassment claims are made against people from their own Tollywood industry.

 Sri Reddy is fighting alone against sexual harassment in Tollywood industry

In spite of her dramatic protest, Sri Reddy finds herself totally isolated. She is actually struggling alone against the battle of sexual harassment and casting couch. It is really sad that not a single Tollywood industry actress said a single word in support of her.Though, leading actresses such as Rakul Preet, Lakshmi Manchu, and Lavanya Tripathi banged many time TV journalist for using offensive language for women.

Not just this even the victims didn’t utter a single word regarding Sri Reddy claims.; They just denied to support her.

Tollywood industry must have CASH

It is really shocking that such a big Tollywood Industry doesn’t have any committee against sexual harassment (CASH) which is compulsory in any workplace. The workplace which has more than 10 employees. But how come this Tollywood industry seems to be released from this rule.

This is something very critical and a big matter of concern for the Tollywood industry people. At least this nude protest has allowed everyone to notice this loop hole in the Tollywood industry. It is good to heat that filmmaker Nandini Reddy agreed to the point. She said that “We definitely need a CASH to be set up in the film industry.

The affluent people of Tollywood industry must think over the establishment of CASH. This is necessary for making the Tollywood industry free from casting couch.


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