It is news that Ranbir’s house in Alia Bhatt stays there for some time nowadays. Katrina’s wounded heart’s not yet vanished instead Ranbir started spreading melodious love as sweet as chiming sound of the bell with his best friend. Ranbir Kapoor is working on Ayan Mukherjee’s film ‘Brahmastra’. To Mahesh Bhatt’s daughter, they have become so close that Ranveer comes to Alia’s house to meet Alia in the night. On the night of 31, Ranbir was seen visiting  Alia’s house at around 11 o’clock in the night And stay till the morning. It is not that only Ranbir goes to alias home, even Ali also goes to Ranbir’s house. Sometimes Ali has also been seen with Ranbir’s house all night with Saawariya. Interestingly, whenever they both go to one another’s house, they do not park cars so that they can dodge people, though Alia and Ranbir try to show that they read the script of their upcoming movie Brahmastra at home. This is a trick that Ranbir had used in the initial days of his relationship with Katrina Kaif, as well.

Did Ranbir’s Mom Neetu and his father Rishi aware of this, then what will happen next, will they? Both adopt this increasing closeness. It is said that Ranbir had a break-up with Deepika, due to his mother Neetu. It is also said that Ranbir also has a reason for the breakup with Katrina, due to his mother Neetu and father Rishi. If these reports are true, then people going to witness yet another lovely couple in Bollywood. She admitted to having the “biggest crush” on Ranbir Kapoor. Incidentally, Alia and Ranbir’s ex-girlfriend Katrina share a warm relationship. The two recently appeared together on a chat show, where Alia had some advice for her beloved ‘Katy’ – “leaves the gym and focus on men instead”.Alia and Ranbir have seen attending a lot of parties together in the past as they belong to same friend circle and have also worked with common directors. Alia has said in one of her earlier interviews that she likes Ranbir’s acting skills and Ranbir too has made the similar statement. Ranbir had also promoted her film Highway which was directed by Imtiaz Ali and it helped her bagged mUCH honour. (Source From India Today).


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