BJP retains at top, Congress is still in scratchingContinuing its winning run on a high note as of 2017  elections, The Bhartiya Janta Party on Monday grabbed power in 47 municipalities out of 75 in civic elections. As BJP return on top, whereas Congress also grip and increased its number winning 16. In 2013, Congress was a single digit that is only 8 municipalities.  whereas Bjp had won 47 out of 75 municipalities. That time also BJP were on top and this time to BJP remains at the top.

The BJP also won  Honourable Prime minister Narendra Modi’s home Vednagar. Why Congress is still in scratching?. Had they not yet recovered from the Defeat?. well, well, both the parties claim to have support in 10 municipalities where there is no clear mandate and independent are in high numbers. How BJP returns on top?. The wave of development the era of Honourable Narendra Modi where everyone goes on sinking.

State Election Commissioner Varesh Sinha said that ”Out of 75 municipalities, Bjp has won 47, Congress has won 16, while both BSP won 1, NCP won 1. He further added “Out of 2060 seats, BJP won 1167 seats, Congress won 630 seats, BSP won 15, NCP won 28 seats, other parties won 18 seats while independents won 202 seats.” how BJP again on top?. The wave puts everyone in the same driver seat. That will be the only possible reason. Another possible reason will be the weak opposition also laid BJP on top.

BJP returns at the top. The bold and spectacular decision maker non-other than Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This is the main reason why BJP returns on Top. This also laid the foundation for upcoming Lok Sabha election. why Congress is still in scratching?, The weak link is the opposition.

They do not have any issue which can be raised in either of the Assembly.if not any questions been raised than how it will be answerable?. It will not lead only opposition down but also made confidence down in upcoming elections. BJP return at top its not happened once it happens again and again.

why Congress is still in scratching?.Is it because of the Mr. Rahul Ghandhi attitude?.  If anyone will not perform according to the people expectations then the question will be raised continuously. Is it one of the biggest drawback in terms of leading the old party of Congress. How does BJP return to the top again?.

There are also so many points can say about the leader is always the maker. Leading from the front is something not everyone had become successful in. The question still remains the same. How does BJP return at top?. The journey Starts from the Lok Sabha election and still, BJP is winning in every part of the country. It is a remarkable and single-handed victory.

Why Congress is still in scratching the floor?. The initial report from the election happened in Gujrat a little glimpse of Congress, but the whole report changed the initial happiness for Congress. They were defeated by BJP. Is it because the chief leader of Congress is already in the scanner. Then why not remove them bring fresh leader, who can bring new energy, new thought to the Congress. BJP returns at the top is not new in nowadays.

Somewhere there is no history of winning the elections. The BJP won single-handedly without any local support. This is the New BJP which gets winning. how BJP again on top?. The work, environment and the people are equally aware which party will make them fool and which one will lead to the development of the new era of India.

why Congress is still in scratching?.is it because the dominance of the BJP had led Congress down so that they cannot recover yet. When they will come to know the importance of opposition. “ Lose from the heart you already lost, and win from the heart you already won.” Try to play the role of opposition. Do not try to play the role of mere spectator.BJP again on top, They ticked all the boxes.

They are not one how is waiting for chances to grab they create chances and grab it with both hands. The strong willpower of the leader is  in each and every BJP returns at top?. this question having a wide area of explanation. The ruthless road with an unsung leader like  Mr.Narendra Modi have lots of experience in leading the side.



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