A BJP Leader Shoots An Army Jawan In MP, Shows How The Leaders Are Misusing The Ruling PowerAn Army Jawan was critically injured after reportedly shot from a local Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader in Madhya Pradesh’s Morena on 11 February. Local BJP leader Nitu Tomar shot Jawan Anshu Tomar, alleged a friend of the Army personnel, who was on the spot at the time of the incident. An old dispute is said the reason for the attack. Dispute of the injured war veteran Anshu Tomar and BJP leader Neetu Tomar is quite old. Anshu Tomar came on a two-day holiday. On Saturday, Neetu Tomar confronted to  Fauji Anshu in Ambaw town.

The BJP leader followed the army

After this, the BJP leader followed the army with his friends and shot him with a pistol on Mithela Road and flew.The police reached Ambah  Hospital on the information of the shoot.instead due to the serious condition. He referred to  Morena after which he referred to Gwalior.

The police said that action will be on the basis of the statement of the injured and his partner. The investigation is going on for now. Nowadays such happenings have become commonplace. is our Jawan not safe with such cases? If that is so then it is a message of insecurity with our soldiers as well as for our society. Such acts should stop. And the leaders who are misusing their power should stop. This is the same leader who makes every promise to protect all of us for the safety of society at the time of an election. Is that the conclusion of that vote for that belief? If there is mutual jurisdiction, sit with him and resolve by talking. it is justice to say that the firing of any such soldier. From all these cases the young people along with Jawan will also feel frightened themselves.

The government needs to investigate the incident properly and those who are guilty should punish with a severe punishment. instead, there is a shortage of such incidents in future. Moreover Society should also be cautious instead the law should also be quick to catch the criminals.


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