Like Bollywood, there are also some of the stars of Bhojpuri cinema which are known for their dazzling lifestyle. There is one such star Raju Singh. The news of a Bhojpuri actor on social media these days is getting viral. It is reported that Bhojpuri actors keep mobile of six lakhs and they also have many luxury vehicles. These actors who act as a hobby are also businessmen. Let’s say the story behind this mobile is that these phones received a gift in exchange for signing a movie.

 If the news is to be believed, Raju has a mobile phone of Vertu, which is worth around Rs 6 lakhs.The specialty of this mobile is that it is UK Retail Company. This company was founded in 1998 by the mobile manufacturer Nokia. In October 2012, Nokia sold Vertu to private equity group EQT Vi, but kept 10 percent of its shares.It is said that this Vertu Company has a real gold panel on this mobile phone

Bhojpuria Sultan

The actor who lives this luxury life of Bhojpuri is named Raju Singh Mahi.Raju is also called fellow actors Bhojpuria Sultan in Bhojpuri Film Industry

Raju Singh’s hobby does not end here, he has Rs 20 lakh. There is even more personal pistol (licensing) than that. Raju has a lot of love for then vehicles, so he has many vehicles with the same number. Originally a resident of Azamgarh in Uttar Pradesh, Raju Singh is an actor along with a businessman.

Raju Singh Maahi Bhojpuri film ‘Tujhe me hey Jaan hai’, ‘Radha-2’ and ‘Gadar’ have worked in super hit films.  According to the information, they also have a licensed pistol. They have crazy vehicles too. They have many vehicles with the same number. All these vehicles from Raju start with the number 1001.   Raju was recognized, then in the ‘Gadar’ film, with the onscreen fight with Pawan Singh. Once again Vilan was played by the character of a mischievous militant Raju Singh.  Raju Singh will also be seen in ‘Gadar-2’. Now a day’s  Raju Singh ‘Mahi’ is busy shooting for the loudly Bhojpuri film ‘Dilwale’ in Mumbai .they play the main villain role in ‘Dilwale’ and working hard for this film. In this scorching heat too, there is a bustling action scene. So we can say that A Bhojpuri actor maintains luxury lifestyle equally of Bollywood celebrities.


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