Every woman (girl) finds a prince for herself, what type of boys, a girl really like, so there are three types for girls they want in a guy or their prince, ‘Tall, Dark and handsome’. Physical fitness and a good height both considered important to attract men to women, these three things are sometimes important.

This attracts the girl quickly; girls usually wear high heels, so their partners need to look taller so that they can match themselves with their partners. But in the case of Erotic Chances, this idea is wrong. Yes, it is true, the study given below shows that this is exactly the opposite.

One of the studies showed

Those men of short stature have a more healthy intimate relationship than taller men, according to a study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine in 531 participants, people aged 20-54 and they had a healthy love life with their partners.

This result included their height, health, lifestyle, BMI, waist length and gender frequency. The result was that the frequency of Sexual intercourse between men less than 5’9 ‘was high and those who were above this height were less.

By study, the principle that tall, dark and Handsome is all girls want. Size of the short guys, what else was worth noting was that men with wider waistlines reported having the lowest percentile of Erotic Chances. As obesity can lead Sexual function to deteriorate in older age, though the effects are not prominent in younger age.

Most of the findings were pretty unsurprising: The most Erotic Chances reported from men ages 25-29, men less than 172lbs, those with a normal BMI, those with a normal waist circumference, and height those without any cardiometabolic diseases. Essentially, the younger, fitter and healthier men are the ones getting laid the most. That’s not too surprising since we know age and health can affect a guy’s Erotic Chances life. So by all of these things, we can say that height can make you enough to have frequent Erotic Chances.

But if the question is, does height matter in a relationship?

No, it doesn’t matter, if it doesn’t bother both of the partners.



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