Be Aware, What Does Red Line On Your Purchased Medicine Pack Means


If you find a red line on your medicine pack you should have to think about it before use. Most of us purchase medicines from different medical stores.  Many time because of unawareness we demand our pharmacist to provide us that particular drug. And pharmacist rejects our demand.  But possibly there is no fault in this from your pharmacist side.  Actually, most of the time we remain unawareness of the directions given by the government.

It does worth describing here is that Union Health Ministry has already made it is mandatory for “prescription-only” drug should show 5 mm thick red vertical band on the packet.  Prescription-only here means, the drug we can only take on the advice of a doctor. The main purpose of this red line on the packet is just to sensitize the people that these drugs are a prescription-only drug.

The government has already directed the pharmaceutical manufacturing company that innermost container of these type of drugs bear a vertical red line on the left side going across the label.  The scheduled drug also needs to be printed on the red line.  Senior drug regulators and senior health officials say that this new rule will be applicable to all the antibiotic drugs, anti-cancer drugs, corticosteroids, hormones, a narcotic painkiller, tranquilizers, and sedatives.  This rule also will be applicable to H1, G, H, or X drugs.

Some of the common prescription symbols

Are familiar with word “prescription”,  word pre actually refer here to “before” and “script does mean writing. It means that the prescription is actually an order that should be should be written down before the compound medicine is prepared.  Many in the industry often call word prescriptions simply as “scripts”


We will now go over different signs and symbols which we see on different medication wrapper or doctor’s prescription letter.  We will try to find what do they actually mean. Sometimes on doctor’s prescription letter, we find Rx written on them.

What does this Rx actually means?

The X part of the symbol is derived from the symbol of the Roman God, Jupiter. It represents a prayer or invocation to Jupiter that the treatment would result in a cure, with divine help. So RX really means ‘take this and pray’. It goes back to ancient Roman times when people believed that if you were sick, it was because you had offended the gods and the illness was retribution. (I teach Medical Terminology).

Sometimes we see NRx on the prescription letter.  Actually, NRx means that only doctor who has a license of prescribing these type of drugs would only prescribe them.  In this way keeping this type of information in our mind we can avoid getting into troubles. So should be aware of it.


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