Goddess Lakshmi is named as Shri. She is the feminine energy of Supreme Being. She is also called as the Goddess of prosperity and Wealth. It is said that if a person worships her and succeeded in impressing her then he or she becomes rich. It is said worshiping her will attracts good luck and abundance into one’s life. Religiously it is also said that the Shri, Goddess of Wealth Goddess Lakshmi grants 16 types of wealth.

It includes courage and strength, Fame, valor, knowledge, victory, good children, gold, gems and other valuables. Also,  grains, happiness, intelligence, beauty, high aim, high thinking, morality, good health and long life.

As Ma Lakshmi is the Goddess of wealth and fortune. So if you want to attract Lakshmi at your place. Then you surely require to know a few things that please and attract her always at your place.

It is said that goddess Lakshmi or Shri is recognized to be highly unstable by nature. She quickly inclines to leave one place to another where ever she finds more comfort and purity. It should be noticed that Maa Laxmi not only attracted by pure places but also by a pure heart. The heart filled with kindness, positive feelings and love for others.

Here are few tips which must be followed in order to please goddess Lakshmi-

1-Lord Kuber

 The lord kuber commonly called as God of money should be kept at home. Lord Kuber who is also known to be the protector of all the money of the world. A statue of Lord Kuber if kept in a home then it will definitely make Lakshmi happy. Also, the place where a statue is kept should be clean and purity should also be maintained.

2- Small Coconuts

The coconuts which are typically reduced than the normal coconut should be kept. These coconuts are also called as called Shrifal. It means the fruit of Lakshmi. So, keeping and worshipping these small coconuts in the house is said to bring Lakshmi to you.

3- Mercury Images

Statues and images which are made of mercury are known to be very superior. By keeping a mercury Lakshmi idol in the home, one can attract the goddess, Lakshmi.

4- Cowrie

These are often seen with children as they love to play with them a lot. This cowrie comes from the sea. The place from where the Goddess Lakshmi also emerged makes them special to her. So, it is deliberated to attract Goddess Lakshmi.

5- Flowers and Rangolis

One should make use of blooms and marigold to enhance the beauty of the entrance of your Pooja Room. Moreover, Making a rangoli through utilizing blossom petals, flowers, leaves, rice and other things also attracts Ma Lakshmi. Rangoli, kolam, muggu, and pookalam are usually drawn. It is to brighten the homes and to decorate puja rooms from earlier times.

6- Keeping silver idols

Keeping silver idols of Lakshmi and Ganesha in your home is the most beneficial thing one can do if the person can afford. One should regularly worship these two silver statues by reciting the particular mantra in order to attract prosperity and wealth.

7- Silver Padukas

Keeping silver Padukas of Goddess Lakshmi at your place also aids a very good purpose. Try to keep the direction of these Padukas in the direction where one wants to keep his or her money.

9- Praying Goddess Tulsi

Praying to Ma Tulsi is one of the most adopted ways to please Goddess Lakshmi. This is so because it is a symbol of Shri. One should  Light a lamp near Tulsi and pray to the plant with full faith and devotion. It is believed that all the Gods reside in all those places where a Tulsi plant is grown. Also, make use of incense sticks. This will fill the atmosphere with positive vibrations. It is said that all your wishes will get fulfilled by worshipping Tulsi. Not just wishes but also huge merits will be accumulated by paying homage to her.

10- Moti Conch

This priceless conch is deliberated a very special one in Tantra and Mantra. This is believed to be a miraculous conch. It is being kept in homes to attract Ma Lakshmi.

11- Lotus Gatta

Lotus Gatta is a seed that comes from the lotus. And we all know that Lakshmi resides on the lotus. So, it is supposed that having a garland which is made of these seeds will certainly request Goddess Lakshmi to your home.

12- One-eyed coconut

It is surprised to know that this kind of coconut is auspicious which is often rejected. As people think it is the spoiled one. But do you know that these type of coconut is majorly used in Tantra? It has one-eye in its place of usual three. It is from where people get the water.

13- South-mouth conch

In the discipline of Tantra, Southwards conch is recognized as very special. Keeping it in the pooja room or in the wallet will invite Lakshmi into your life.

14- Shri Yantra

In the Tantra Learning, Shri Yantra is a very special one. It is popularly known as the king of Yantras. Keeping this is the worship room helps a lot in attracting goddess Lakshmi.

15- Make the Entrance Special

This is something which everyone can do. One should not only make the entrance of their home clean but also decorated. Try to beautify your entrance with the help of flower vases, Bandhanwars, table oil lamps, artificial lights or paper door hangings.  Also, paste some Lakshmi footprints at the entrance. These footprints are easily available in the market. One can also make it easily with the help of rangoli. that are easily available in the market.


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