Are you the one who usually get rejected by a girlAre you the one who gets rejected by girls you want in your life. Though girls like you but, as a friend not as a partner. You sometimes think that what is wrong with me. Being so nice and good with them, they rejected to be in the relationship with me.

Maybe boys don’t know but it’s not just good personality and looks that attracts girls. There are certain small things that make you wrong in the eyes of your love. You must have experienced that your girl starts liking your friend and rejects you. You just came across that sometimes the dishonest and flirt type of boys also have a girlfriend but being so good you often get rejected.

It happens, no need to worry. Today I am going to tell you some real reasons which are responsible for your rejection by girls-

1-You don’t know what the thing that impresses her

Boys have certainly fixed things in their mind that these things will definitely be going to impress a girl. For example, boys have a thought that gifts, jewelry, long drives, and money are certain things that make them happy. But let me tell you not all girls die for all this. There are some girls who desire for love, compassion, honesty, your sufficient time, trust, intelligence, and understanding. So as a first step try to find out what she wants in his man.

2- He tries to get her by only liking

This is one of the big mistakes good boys usually do with women. They think if they liked by women for being a good gentleman or for being a pleasant guy then they will get a girl. So, let me tell you this is totally wrong. Instead, you should make her feel sexually attracted to him for the first time rather than just liking. Please try to come out of that sweet innocent friend image to whom girls only like but not love.

And if you do not come out of it, then soon you will only be that person or friend to whom she always calls when she is going through from struggling period or when she feels upset.

This will only build up a non-sexual friendship or you can say a simple friendship with a woman.  In this relationship ship, she only likes you but love is somewhere missing. Thus, if you really want to have the long-term relationship, and you really want both physical and emotional love. Then you must make her feel sexually attracted to you rather than just being a friendly and innocent friend.  Then only she will see in you something more than just a friendship.

3- Not necessary to be available every time

Though it is good that you are giving more time to her and you are always available to her. But it never means that you reply to her in microseconds. There are guys who are available anytime whether it is 3 am or 12 pm. They never think for a minute to say yes whenever she invites you. Please try to avoid that! Because if you will continue that,  she will taking you for a granted. She might take benefit out of and rejects you at the end. Moreover, this will also make her feel as if you are chasing you and ready to do whatever she says. This actually slaughters the attraction which is much needed in starting. Please try to make her realize your importance. Please give her a chance at least to miss you badly.

4- Please don’t be over sweet

No doubt girls like sweet guys. They love to be praised and called by some sweet nicknames. But not in the starting. As this will left nothing to see in the future. Please try to be normal in the starting, just praise her a little bit. As being over sweet gives them an impression of fakeness and flirts as well. So please don’t go much into that in starting.  Please try to leave something that she can anticipate rather than just being so sweet to her.

5- Try to get an idea whether she is emotionally available or not?

One should be clearly aware whether the girl to whom he is approaching is emotionally available or not.You must be aware of her emotional status before spending your time, energy and efforts on her. This is because it may happen that she had a breakup a few days back. And now she is just trying to fill the emotional space which arises due to break up. This may also happen that she is just treating you as a friend to fill that emotional space but somewhere inside her heart she like someone else. You never know so please try to find that first. Because one-sided liking will never work

6- Waiting too long to make a move

People often said that it is really tough to understand women and it is a truth. Women not always show the signals whether she is attracting towards you or not. And let me tell you are not always capable enough to understand that. So don’t just wait for them to give you some signal of Yes or No. The way she displays her signal may vary and it totally depends upon her confidence level and kind of a man she is looking for.

Many times it happens that good boys go wrong in understanding women and takes too long to initiate or express anything. These boys sit quietly and weight for the signal of a girl. As such these boys don’t want to make any wrong impression and with a fear of rejection they take a lot of time in expressing his feeling towards her. Due to this attitude, he simply lost her.

As most women get irritated and tired of the lack of action from the boy side. This also makes her lose interest in a boy. So, In place of wasting more time on a boy who is not taking any step further, the woman will start looking for other interesting guys. Furthermore, it is always nice that the boy initiates in a relationship rather than girls. Girls do show their emotions and feelings later in the relationship.

7-  Being just a gentleman is not enough to win her

There’s nothing wrong with being valiant, gentleman, to a woman. But a guy should show that he is sexually attracted towards her.

You should never forget that you cannot get a girl until and unless she is sexually attracted to you. Being a gentleman or doing nice things will just make a good friend nothing else. In fact, instead of showing your gentleman type behavior, you should show her your confidence, masculinity and how you make her feel when you interact with her. These factors will actually make her more attracted towards you. And If she actually shows a girly behavior while responding to your masculine feel. Then feel relax as it doesn’t matter whether you are a good guy or a bad boy. She will totally be attracted towards you mentally as well as sexually.

8- Pretending not to be interested in intimacy

Though many women don’t think of an intimacy earlier in a relationship. But there are certain women a who are uncertain about their sexiness and looks to men. They actually fell at the top of the world when a cool, cute guy is confident enough to say “You’re really sexy…”

If you like being intimate then there is nothing wrong but you must give some time to increase the understanding between both of you. if you show that you are a good innocent boy who is not at all interested in sex with her. Then she might feel bad or wrong.

Pretending not to be interested in sex with a woman you’re attracted is nothing but just a lie. These guys are among those boys who actually pretend not to be interested much in getting intimate while talking to women are the same boys who watch porn every week.

They feel the intense attraction to women but they are not ready to reveal their interest. But this is wrong they are dishonest not just with a girl but with themselves as well.

Some good guys make the mistake of closing down their sexual side around women. A guy like this seems as if he is just interested in friendship not in a relationship. So if you really want to grab your love please be very expressive and show that you are sexually attracted.

In the end, I want to say that rejection is natural in your lifetime. Each and every individual at some point of their life definitely going to face. There is hardly any person in this world who never ever faced any kind of relationship. But what important is to learn and to accept it.

And when it comes to love and relationship please avoid these above-mentioned mistakes. If you will not repeat these mistake, then you will definitely find your love. Try to avoid these mistakes and follow your heart. Be honest and patience and else left everything on God.

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