Andhra govt challenged Modi govtAndhra Pradesh chief minister  Chandrababu Naidu government is working on a special type of project, through which government will provide internet, WiFi, and TV service to every household in the state at a price of Rs. 149 only. Andhra govt challenged Modi govt, isn’t it? State Government has done the special collaboration with Facebook (India) for this project.

In this regard, Andhra Pradesh IT Minister Nara Location also met recently with Facebook and Indian Connectivity Policy Head Ashwini Rana. There has been an agreement between the two for this project. According to the media report, this facility will be provided to people through the fiber grid under the project. Where people can enjoy WiFi, Internet and TV service with a single connection. For this people have to pay only Rs 149. Is Andhra govt challenging Modi govt?. It seems rightly through.

The state government has launched many more pilot projects like this. Using this government is making the internet available to every household with a speed of 100mbps at a very less cost that is Rs149. Its first phase was launched in 2016. The Andhra Pradesh government has joint hands with another technical well-known company that is Cisco.

This scheme is being run in three districts of the state. The districts are Vishakapatnam, shrikulam, and Vijayanagaram.  If Andhra govt challenged Modi govt, then will Modi govt took note of it?. So that can take the further step.

This scheme can also be remarkable for the Modi government. To give the boost to Digital India in India, if the Central Government provides internet and TV at such a cheap rate, then there will be a lot of comfort for the people. Not only comfort but also they have to pay very less money. No, if Andra govt challenged Modi govt, Then take it as a challenge even something new happens in part of the country and it is helpful for the people and useful too.

Then its responsibility of the govt to implement in the remaining part of the country. Take it also as gaining new information and distributing throughout in another part of the country too. Will it be helpful for Andhra people for a long span of time? or it’s just for a shorter span of time.

This plan and technology which will fulfill dreams of people. The dream to connect each and everyone on the same page in the same line as well. Will Modi govt which gives so much slogan of Digitalization, take the step which will be helpful for everyone?.The first and foremost thing is everyone knows about it or not. If not spread the knowledge about this technology. When people will know about it.

They will come to know about it. If they will come to know. They spread among. And due to which the whole nation will come to know about this technology. Due to which govt got aware of it and implement it as soon as they can. Will Andhra govt putting Modi govt in their backfoot?.

The coming age will be an age of digitalization. The age which decides the extent of various dreams which will take place as the technology will advancing. The people are becoming advanced day by day. The vast world is of the internet, wifi.

The generation in which we are living and the generation which went past had to have lots differences. The differences in the thoughts, sentiments, culture everything. But the thinking is to develop as much as possible. Even the yesterday news becomes old. So, the Internet is necessary, the wifi will be needed. When Modi govt implement it?.

See, there will no compromise in terms of technology is concerned. If the technology will not be used in remaining part of the part of India and even remaining part of Andhra?. Will Andhra govt also responsible for that?.There will be always if and but in terms of implementing it.But see the conclusion what will happen if it implements it. See the conclusion the implement it as simple as that. When will Modi govt finally get to implement it?.

Even getting learn from someone is not at all a bad thing. Life is itself a learning curve for all of us. The nation wants to know when the whole country will get digitalized?. Any specific timeline.


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