An Open Letter to PM Modi regarding the pathetic situation of the country 7

An Open Letter to PM Modi regarding the pathetic situation of the country

An Open Letter to PM Modi regarding the pathetic situation of the countryFifty retired civil servants have written to Prime Minister Modi stating disgrace, fury, and agony over the state in India. They have written this letter to PM in order to draw the Prime Minister Modi attention towards the distressing situation of the country. The widespread disgrace across the nation is observed over the brutal gangrape and murder of a minor girl in J&K’s Kathua. Similarly, another similar incident has arisen from Gujarat’s Surat, when police confirmed rape of another girl with 86 injury marks previous this month.

The letter appeals  Prime Minister Narendra Modi to do the following things in-order to curb the situation-

Reach out to the relations of the victims in Unnao and Kathua and pursue their forgiveness on behalf of all of us.

Fast-track the trial of the committees in the Kathua case. Please request for a Court which is focused by SIT in the Unnao case, without further delay.

  1. The prime minister Modi must renew a pledge to offer special protection to Muslims, to Dalits. Also,  to members of other minority communities, to women and children. It is to be compulsorily done in the recall of these innocent children who faced brutal atrocities by the rapist. It is really necessary so that the victims do not have dread for their liberty and life. Also, any threat to them will be quenched with the full force of State authority.
  2. Steps should be taken to remove from Administration anybody who has been related with hate speeches and hate crimes.
  3. The PM must plea for an All Party Meeting to cautious on conducts in which the wonder of hate crime can be undertaken politically, socially and administratively.

Here are some points which are expressed in the letter –

An Open Letter to PM Modi regarding the pathetic situation of the country

1-The appalling horror of the Kathua and the Unnao incidents:

This reflects that the Government has unsuccessful in accomplishing the most elementary responsibilities given to it by the people.

2- We are not human beings

By giving nourishment to the cruelty of one human being against another in the name of Hindus we have failed as human beings. Under the name of religion, we are continuously harming innocent people.

3- Collectively written to “Prime Minister

As per the officer, their intention of writing this letter is not just to express their combined sense of shame and not just to give voice to their torment and mourn the death of their civilizational standards, but to address their rage. Anger over the program of division and hatred towards the party and it’s uncountable; often undetectable twigs that spring up from time to time. This has gradually introduced into the grammar of their politics, their social and cultural life and even their daily dissertation. It is that which delivers the social authorization and lawfulness for the incidents in Kathua and Unnao.

4- In Kathua Jammu

It is the culture of majoritarian hostility and violence endorsed by the Sangh Parivar. The one which encouraged diseased communal elements to follow their obstinate agenda. They knew that their conduct would be permitted by the governmentally influential people. Even those who have made their jobs by separating Hindus and Muslims across a sectarian divide.

5- On Unnao rape case

It is really disgraceful to see such misuse of power. The State Government in response harasses the victim of rape and her family in its place of the supposed committer. This shows how depraved governance practices have developed.

It is such a sorry state of affair that the Government of UP acted finally when it was obliged to do so by the High Court. The shows the insincerity and the dispassion of its purpose.

6- In both cases, Prime Minister, it is your party which is in power so you are responsible

As per the officers, the PM is majorly responsible for the terrifying state of affair in the country. The prime minister has given the sovereignty of the party and the central controller of the Party. As an alternative to possessing up and making compensations, the prime minister and their party members chose to remain silent. As per the officers, the PM and their eminent political leaders have broken silence only after the public outrage broke in India as well as internationally. They said the PM only spoke up when they could not avoid it anymore.

7- And even then, while you have convicted the act and uttered a sense of shame:

As per the officer, the Prime minister have not convicted the communal system behind the act nor they have tried to modify the social, political and administrative conditions under which such common hate is raised. As per the official’s statement, they have enough of these delayed complaints and potentials to bring justice when the collective cauldron is persistently kept baking by forces set in inside the Sangh Parivar.



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