Akshay Tritiya: What should you do today according to the Jainism

Akshay Tritiya: What should you do today according to the Jainism

Akshay Tritiya: What should you do today according to the JainismAkshaya Tritiya has a great prominence in Jainism. On the auspicious day of Akshay Tritiya, Jain devotees donate Ikshu juice (Sugarcane Juice) on this day. The day of Akshaya Tritiya in Jainism philosophy associated with Lord Adinatha, also known as Rishabhadeva. He is the first of the twenty-four Tirthankaras. This day of Akshaya Tritiya is revered and believed to be very propitious in Jainism. As it is recognized as the very first “ahara acharya” practice. In this ahara practice Jain followers carefully prepare and serve food to Jain monks or Sadhus.

In this day people who have the year-long alternative day fasting. This is also called as Varshi -tap completes their Tapasya and fast. On this day of Akshaya Tritiya, his Parana is done by family members by offering drinking sugarcane juice. They break their tapasya and long fast by drinking sugarcane juice.

What is the Story behind the Akshaya Tritiya

There is a religious story on the day of Akshaya Tritiya. It is said that when the Lord Rishabhadeva deprecated the worldly pleasures after separating his widespread kingdom amongst his 101 sons. The most noticeable among them are Gommateshvara Bahubali and Chakravarti Bharata. You must be aware of the Gommateshvara Bahubali which is the world’s tallest monumental statue stands at Shravanbelgola in Bangalore.

Lord Rishabhadeva pondered without any food and water for over six months. After that, he set out to have food which is called as ahara in Jainism. He was the first Jain monk of this era.

Jain monks do not possess anything. Even they don’t cook food for themselves. When they are hungry or thirsty then they set out to accept ahara. They do not ask for it and accept what it is offered to them. For them, taste does not matter as they just eat to survive whatever presented to them by the devotees. It is only the Tīrthankara Rishabhadeva who went to people in order to take ahara or food.

People of that time were not aware of Jain ahara

But, the people during that time did not even know about the disciplines and lives which the Jain monk follows. He was also the first monk of Avsarpinī. The people of Ayodhya presented towards him elephants, gold, jewelry, gemstones, horses, expensive garments. Not just huge wealth some people also offered their daughters to rectitude their adored king.

However, Jain monk was already sacrificing in order to follow the path of enlightenment and attaining Moksha. So he was only searching for food to survive. He only wants a piece of food, which nobody offered it to him. It is really surprising that not a single person is able to understand what their king was observing for food. This is to safeguard that the monks who would come after him get proper and clean food and water. This is for leading an austere life. As no option is left for him he had to fast for one year. After one year King Shreyansa got his requirements. This is only due to his previous life remembrance Purva-bhava-smarana.

In the ahaar king, Shreyansa Kumar offered him sugarcane juice. After taking that Rishabhadeva ended his fast. That was on the day of Akshaya Tritiya on which lord Rishavdeva ended his 1 year fast. Thereafter, sugarcane juice is deliberated by Jains to be one of the best donations. On this day, Jain observes a fast to honor their first Tirthankara Rishabhadeva and finish their fast with sugarcane juice. The ritual of ending fast by Jains is termed as Parana. In Hastinapur near Delhi huge fair held every year where Jain followers come to end their fast.

Facts come out from the above story

Akshaya Tritiya is a festival of donation and the other is Shri Rishabh dev God had taken the first diet in which he took a sugarcane juice.

Against the above two facts, there are two rallies going on in society; On the place of people of Jain society, people of other sects are beginning to buy ornaments or other items made of gold, silver, diamonds, etc. On Akshaya Tritiya, they think that by doing so Lakshmi Devi will be living in their home. But, the Shravakas have forgotten the significance of charity and donations of Akshaya Tritiya by fierce folk idiots. Akshaya Tritiya is the festival of sacrifice and the Shravas have made this day a festival to add to the Paradise. Adding affinity is bound to sin and bondage from virtue is a bond of virtue.

Religious Duties to be performed on Akshaya Tritiya

Suppose there is Nirgantha Muni, Aryika Mataji, Aalak, Kumblika or other idol worshipers in your village or city. Then give them food for the first time. If they are present then make a donation of Ikshu (sugarcane) juice in the diet donation. But in case there is no eligible person in your village or city then please donate it to a temple, cows shed, farms, needy people etc. This will definitely collect virtuous virtue.

This is not right to do bath or Abhishek of Lord Rishabhadeva with the Ikshu juice.

Though it is clearly mentioned in the story that Lord Rishabhadeva consume the sugarcane juice as an ahaar. But still, there are many people who made the ritual of performing of Abhishek of Lord Rishabhadeva idol with the Ikshu juice on Akshaya Tritiya which is totally wrong. Why don’t they understand that this will leads to Jeev Hinsa which is a huge sin in Jainism?

Still, there are some main pandits who performed ordination or Abhishek of God Rishabhadeva on this day in the temple with an Ikshu juice.They, However, forget it leads to the violence of lots of insects, flies etc.

Reasons for not anointed and doing Abhishek of  lord idol with Ikshu juice

The basic principle of Jain religion is non-violence. This they just forget in performing abhishek with sugarcane juice will lead to lots of violence or Jeev hinsa.

This is really sad that some pandits follow such ritual which is wrong as per the Jainism principle.

The two reasons why you should not be anointed with Ikshu juice

First of all, on anointing with Ikshu juice, it got spread all around the idol. Also, the warm weather leads to the abundant amount of ants all the way and thousands of ants come on this expanded Ikshu juice. Later, when the Shravakas wash the idol then there is violence as thousands of ants got killed.

Furthermore,  if the cleaning is not done properly then the ants continue to come for many days. Thus, their violence continues by suppressing them under the feet of the Shravakas.

This incident took place Abhishek of Lord Rishvdeva 108 feet high statue was performed at the Maantungi place of Maharashtra. It is said that due to this thousand of ants appeared on it. Also, suppressed under the feet of the Shravakas which created a lot of violence.

Also when the juice is used for the Abhishek of huge idol then the whole juice of sugarcane got covered with dirt. This attracted lots of creatures such as flies, mice ants etc.

Anointing with food is absolutely unfair in Jainism religion. One should not do this. Instead, it should be offered either to the Jain sadhus. But this should be done with a great care and attention. For instance, before offering it Jain sadhus the sugarcane cane juice should be properly washed with a hot water. Then only the juice is taken and offered it to Jain sadhus.


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