Salman Khan and Aishwarya Rai breakup is one of the most highlighted topics even today. Their story began in 1999 when Aishwarya was getting famous and Salman was recovering from his breakup with Somy Ali.

They started feeling for each other during the shooting of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s film Hum Dil Chuke Sanam. They were serious for each other and wanted to get married. After two years of dating each other, the news of their separation came in media. There were a series of stories linked to their separation.

Reason behind their break-up

Salman in one of his interviews in 2002, revealed the real reason behind his breakup with Aishwarya. He blamed Aishwarya’s father Krishnaraj Rai for their separation. He said that her father did not like him at all and was against their relationship. Krishna Raj did not like his way of treating Aishwarya and was always insecure because of Salman’s past relationships.

Aishwarya was against her parent’s decision and started living in a separate apartment in Lokhandwala’s Gorakh Hill Tower.

Turning point in the Salman-Aishwarya relationship

On 1 November 2001, Salman reached Aishwarya’s apartment and started banging the door of her 17th-floor apartment for hours. He even threatened Aishwarya to open the door otherwise he will jump off the roof of Gorakh Hill Tower. The drama continued till 3 o’ clock in the morning.

According to some sources, Salman wanted to marry Aishwarya. But she was not ready for such commitment at a time when she was rapidly climbing the ladder of success. According to the report, it is said that Salman Khan even misbehaved with Aishwarya’s family, which was not at all accepted by Aishwarya at all.

This situation became a turning point in the Salman-Aishwarya relationship and Aishwarya decided to end this relationship.

Aishwarya in one of her former interviews said that her father did not approve Salman because of his alcoholic and abusive nature. She further said that she always stood by him supporting his alcoholic misbehaviour in its worst phases and in return she was abused verbally, physically and emotionally. Just because of her self-respect she ended up her relationship with him.

Aishwarya even refused Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s movie Bajirao Mastani because her co-actor in this movie was Salman. In a press release, Aishwarya said that for the self-respect of her family and for her well-being, she will not work with Salman Khan.

She said that the chapter of Salman Khan was a nightmare in her life and she is thankful to God that it is over now.


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