It seems as if the thunderbolt falls on the Indian youngsters when the most beautiful and extremely talented south Indian actress Shriya Saran got married to his longtime boyfriend Andrei Koscheev.

This Southern beauty has shocked every Indian youngster who falls for Shriya Saran and dreamt her in every single night. The news of her marriage was spread soon in the entire nation when she got married on March 19.

This hypnotic actress has been featured in both South Indian and Bollywood movies. She worked with almost all superstars of South Indian film industry as well as Bollywood. Even the world-famous superstar Rajnikanth admires her beauty and acting talent.

The famous  Bollywood films in which she was featured include ‘Mission Istanbul’, ‘Drishyam’ and ‘Awarapan’. The most famous and super hit movie of her career is Sivaji the boss opposite superstar Rajnikanth. Through this movies, she impressed everybody and placed herself on the list of most famous Bollywood and south Indian actresses.

The south Indian beauty got married by following Hindu rituals on 12 March. The couple has married in Udaipur. Moreover, they both have kept their relationship a secret for a long time which when revealed surprised everybody.

Shriya doesn’t found of rich businessman and cricketers

Though usually most of the actress is found of the rich Indian businessman, handsome cricketers billionaires. Shriya Saran seems to be very unique when it comes to choosing the partner. People even across the world says din,t she finds any Indian to marry. Why she has chosen Russian guy to be her soul mate. As we have seen there are so many Bollywood and south Indian actress got linked up with the rich business personalities, cricketers, but Shriya always interested in something different.

As every girl has its own liking and disliking. Similarly, Shreya also has and among all the rich and handsome Indian and NRI she found Russian the best one.

So I am going to tell you some of the unique qualities and facts about the Russian origin Andrei Koscheev. The best person of the most beautiful Bollywood actress Shriya Saran.The one, who won the hearts of millions of Indian youngsters with her charming sensuous smile.

Here are the facts-

Andrei Koscheev belonged to Russia and studied at Stockholm School of Economics. He is also an owner of a restaurant chain popularly known as  Domavkusnee. Her husband won the Best Young Entrepreneur award in 2015. He is just so passionate about adventure sports and driving.

1- Andrei is the known tennis player

The Russian husband of Shriya is a world-renowned tennis player. Andrei is a recognized tennis player and has even taken part in tennis events on the National level and international level. In fact, he just competed against the other tennis player. He even played several times against his own brother Nikita, who is also a known tennis player.

2- Andrei has the diploma in general management

Shriya Saran hubby seems to have an adaptable nature just as his when it comes to career. We all know that Shriya career is not just limited to the regional level, in fact, she has established her name in the Bollywood as well. Similarly,  her hubby Andrei seems to be a highly adaptable and multitalented person. He does not possess the passion for sports but also good at studies. He did a Diploma degree in general management. This shows how adaptable and versatile he is in his life. This is how he is able to maintain such long distance relationship with Sriya who lives in another country.

3- Andreev Koscheev is an established entrepreneur, not just a player

He is not just good at sport, in fact, he is the most intelligent businessman as well.  Andrei has the long chain of restaurants that specialize in the organic food segment. At such a small age, he has won the Best Young Entrepreneur Award in 2015. There are one more important things which people hardly knew about him is that he is good at charity as well. He donates a definite percent of his profits to charity from his restaurant business.

4- Andrei has addressed at several institutions

Andrei Koscheev is seriously a multi-talented person Shriya ever met. He has not only achieved success as a tennis player at the National level. But he has also attained a position of the successful entrepreneur at such a small age. Due to this, he was several times called for giving lectures in educational institutes. He is called for delivering the lecture at various known institutions of Russia for his valuable and inspirational lecturers.

The above-discussed points are actually the certain qualities which Sriya finds unique in Andrei Koscheev. This lets her decide to tie a knot with a Russian person who is just so different to her. They do not just belong to a different community but also the citizenship as well.

Do we able to see her in the movie again

After hearing a news of favorite actress Shriya Saran marriage, people are very much anxious, they are eager to know whether she will quit films or she will continue to work in films.

To show their anxiousness several fans of Shriya wrote on their twitter account. Her fans not only congratulate her but also motivated her for not quitting her carrier of acting. They praised her and said that such talent should not be wasted. One fan of Shriya also recommended her to take the inspiration from known South India actress Samantha. As she had also continued acting after getting married to the actor Naga Chaitanya.

However, the fans should not lose her heart as she will soon be seen in her forthcoming movies. The south Indian movies include Nara Rohit’s Telugu project Veera Bhoga Vasantha Rayalu and Arvind Swami-starrer Naragasooran. The Bollywood movies are with Nana Patekar’s. the name of the movie is Tadka.

As Shriya doesn’t have so many movies on hand so it may happen that she will say goodbye to Industry. Moreover, she can also shift to Russia in order to stay with her hubby.

Let’s see what is going to be the decision of Shriya when it comes to quitting film industry.


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