Sometimes people lose a fair interest to click the right button in the mind to get the romantic scenes back in the married life. Husband complains about the frequent ignorance of their wives and the wives even ignore this as well.

Wife is not recognizing her husband who is still looking with hope with no response from his wife.

Why does it happen after marriage?

Is it natural then why it counts as an Issue?

Who is solo responsible for this?

If we enter the picture we find the wife lost her sense of appearance and becomes like that she has nothing in her life now. She is most often either busy or more busy that’s it. Husband seeks chances to reach closer to her and she just makes it an offer to her children only.

Is it fine for the healthy relationship? I don’t think it will work to repair the distance between both of them.  What would happen if a husband made a mind that you are no longer attached to him? And what you will do if he lost something as well?

Anyone can think that you are no longer interested in your personal life with your husband. You are intentionally not finding time to spend together. This may force him to share the friend’s table and couch for entertaining himself and according to the reports, you won’t be able to bear it.

What he will say if one of his friends ask him to about the stress that is noticed by many of them frequently. It is quite hard to hide the refection of inner contrast among the friends. The situation becomes more odd and inappropriate when someone who is closer to him, get known about the personal issues. Every woman should have the keen eye upon both parts of her family. If you lose the control even slightly you could lose a bigger amount in few minutes than you earn in an entire day.

Spark comes into the scene

As always a friend comes right there when we needed the most, best friend of him comes with full of experience and create a spark in the situation. He said to him that each woman avoids discussing that she wants pure attention, care, and love from their partners.

So what you need to do that just remind the things what you had at the beginning of your love life and try to make them happen again.

Make yourself as that guy who stolen her mind in the first part of your story that will allow you wife to touch the corner again. One thing keeps in your mind that she is still beautiful as she was and you need to remind her of your own style.

If your husband got the point, he will try to help you in the kitchen or other households. You can find your favorite flowers in the refrigerator while your husband taking care of the baby. He may draw a romantic scene when you rest in the bedroom. These efforts can spark within you as well and it is nearest to possible that your husband finds you well dressed up, fragrant and blossoming at more than one evening in the week.

 Sometimes you cook his favorite food and enjoy making him bite with your own hands and kiss him on chicks. Try it dearly! It will attract a tight hug and warmth from your hubby.


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